Sunday, August 19, 2018

Room 24 at Mas Que Vencedores Casa Cristiana (The Ranch) - 08/17-18/2018

"http://"> Back at “The Ranch” and loving it! August, so hot but with air conditioners in the church now. Between that and the the wonderful night weather in Sonora this time of year, we were more than comfortable. We even had a light, refreshing rain on Saturday afternoon. Friday night, we started off with Tabernacle Prayer which was interesting, Elias’s accent, my repeat of his words and the translation of a combination of what we were saying and what we had written in Spanish. Lord Jesus, we need a download of Spanish quick! Gratefully we had a variety of worship teams and each was so powerful. We started with Ramon and his worshippers who were ready to start before we were. They had planned on being with us the whole time and so played also during the night and throughout Saturday. Pastor Alfredo from Cantico Nuevo came with JJ and his team and powered us on into the late night. It was great to see them all and be able to hear them play. Pastors Manuel & Tere came to guide us into the midnight hour and gently and with authority, led us in the warfare of worship. We are truly blessed to have so many joining us, supporting us, covering us in prayer and serving in every kind of way. Cantico Nuevo Church provided dinner, with Lucia providing 400 tamales, yes 400! God bless. We also had sandwiches, salads, cookies, coffee and more. Iglesia La Gracia de Dios and Lydia provided 200 sandwiches. Einstein bagels in Tucson, gave us dozens of bagels for the morning. Pastor Juanito and his church brought lunch to us and the Ranch residence mid day, with tacos & salads and more. We love the meals, but especially that we were able to bless the residents as well. We wanted their blessing to be our focus and I believe it was, due to so many generous hearts. We had quite a few pastors with us! When it came time to anoint with oil on Friday night, I clearly heard the Holy Spirit whisper “I’ve got this, Ann!” The pastors anointed with oil and even as we spoke about the candlestick in the tabernacle with seven lights, we saw 7 pastors anoint the body. Words cannot cover it, how about scripture? Psalm 46:8 - “Come and see what the Lord has done, the amazing things he has done on the earth.” Many times, I have spoken about the 24 hours, especially noting that in our weakness, He is strong. I am freshly surprised again, when I notice that in the wee hours of the morning, His Spirit will suddenly lift me up and I will have the strength I need to keep going. His Sprit was marvelous in the pre dawn hours when we as a group, broke off chains that the enemy also tries to place on us. The men at the Ranch are in prayer themselves throughout the week. When we come together, the unity that the Lord spins among us is palpable. As the hours continue we get closer and closer in the Spirit. We were making a lot of noise by 5am!! Pastor Ken’s word Saturday morning was phenomenal. He has really taken ownership of this watch. We followed with a Fire Tunnel. Have to admit, it took us a while to get everyone lined up, but then, the Holy Spirit came. Thank you Lord, for the many words and comforts, love and joy that You provided. Just thinking about it makes me smile. Lunch came just in time, brought in by Pastor Juanito and his church. He was also able to give us a word, refreshing in every way. And then the rain came and the afternoon hours of incredible fellowship, testimony and yes, more prayers. We prayed powerfully for Mexico, hallelujah! A fun one is asking those in attendance to pray for the place of their birth and so, we had prayers for Guaymas, Nogales and Guadalajara! Praise God. Thank you Pastor Leonso & Monica for sharing your ministry with us. Thank you pastors for joining us. We are all changed! Blessings Elias & Ann Room 24

Room 24 at restoration Community Ministries - Phoenix 07/27-28/2018

"http://" Remembering our time at Restoration Community Ministries in July. It is always awesome to join with this body of believers in prayer. We have learned so much together over the years. We were last there in January and now in the middle of the summer. Hotter than possible in July in Phoenix. We would like to think its the Fire of God. Exodus 19:18 - Mount Sinai was covered with smoke, because the Lord descended on it in a fire. The smoke billowed up from it like smoke from a furnace, and the whole mountain trembled. Truly the Lord has done great things. The worship team at RCM was ready for us and they were the start of Friday night. We moved into Tabernacle Prayer and incorporated, salvation, repentance, communion, Holy Spirit, Word, Praise & Worship and so much of the Love of God. We were so full of blessing by the time we got to midnight. Chris surprised us with the “new oil” which we promptly used to anoint everyone there. The most memorable result of this was Peace in His Presence. The atmosphere was so wonderful, like floating in a swimming pool or just rocking in a breeze. It was like this the whole time. Everyone with smiles on their faces. People who joined us along the way, felt this peace and stayed much longer than planned. The night is set apart for warfare prayer and we used it, to open gates. This time was led by Pastor Annie, our night owl! We went through the blessings of the 12 tribes in scripture and we went through breakthrough prayers. Kelly brought us to the Courts of Heaven in a new and different way. The 24 hours gives us the time to methodically cover every area of prayer. We all feel so full of His Glory. Pastor Ken brought us a morning of Resurrection Power and the Fire Tunnel. Notably, so many prophetic words were released this time around. We were focusing on the promises of this year, and it being half way through, we were looking at so much that has happened. The words we received confirmed so many things we had in our hearts; unity, breakthrough, open doors to the next thing and His love. Adina shared her knowledge of The Father’s Love and assisted us in so many ways. All of our Room 24 team are so dependable and don’t they look great in their new shirts. Ricardo took most of the pics and I guess has provide thousands now, on both sides of the border. You can see him in the selfie shots with the room behind him. In the afternoon we were blessed by an impromptu visit by a missionary headed to Lithuania with his young family. We were blessed to have him join us, to pray for him and bless him. RCM has their own prophetic painter and we have shared her work in the video. “See” what the Lord has done. We heard many testimonies during the day. It’s really hard to explain what happens in these times. You feel like you have had a spiritual work out. I Tim 4:7-9...train yourself to be godly. For physical training is of some value, but godliness has value for all things, holding promise for both the present life and the life to come. This is a trustworthy saying that deserves full acceptance. The RCM worship team has really mastered our river song - so amazing to hear it live and they are good at it. They closed the prayer and sent us all off in the River of God. Thank you so much Pastor Reggie & Annie for welcoming us again and bringing so much to our lives in prayer. Blessings Room 24