About our ministry


Room 24 - Our Mission

To ignite seasons of prayer in the body of Christ.

Room 24 - Our Vision

To follow the Lord’s leading in developing ongoing sessions of 24 hour prayer at churches and other settings with the intent of allowing freedom in prayer and 24 hours of opportunity for the Spirit of God to move in the hearts of His people.  We believe the Presence of God is vital to developing His churches and His people in these days.    The Lord wants to spend time with His children.  As we give dedicated hours to Him, we experience life changing encounters and we practice sustaining the Glory of God.  Our long term vision includes city wide, state wide, larger venues of prayer with many different groups of Christians.  It also includes extended times of 24 hour prayer; several days, a week or longer.  As we welcome His Presence, we establish settings of Revival, individually and corporately.