Thursday, May 16, 2019

Room 24 at the Abyad's March 22-23 2019

In March we had the opportunity to pull back a little and have Room 24 in our home. We were a core group and God provided us the time we needed to step back and take stock in the mission we are on. To check in, if you will, and make adjustments. Holy Spirit is so faithful. We pressed in through Tabernacle Prayer and overnight intercession. By Saturday, we were well on our way to praying through some of the plans and ideas that the Lord has put on our hearts. Faithful God. We will see the outcome of this family time for many years to come. Some pics are up for us to remember.

Monday, February 18, 2019

Room 24 at Cantico Nuevo February 15-16, 2019

"http://"> What a precious time of rejoicing and celebrating at Cantico Nuevo. I love this church! (We say this every time but our partners in Room 24 are the best!) Good company, precious people, Jesus everywhere. It's hard to sum it up and just want to go line by line about how wonderful our Savior is! And, how wonderful it is to be with His people. I want to sing that song, "Behold how good and how pleasant it is for brethren to dwell together, dwell together, together in unity, la la la, la la la la la la la! " Can you hear it? Where do I start - The tabernacle prayer, the Holy Spirit anointing, the communion, the Pastors who came, all the people who came, the night, the day, the in between, the meals, the fellowship! So wonderful. We got our socks blessed off! We are always saying, when we are weak, He is strong! Yup, He shows up so powerfully as our bodies grow tired our spirit wakes up, like waves of refreshing. Thank you Pastor Alfredo and your church for your hospitality. And to the worship team for your continual pouring out and with great joy! And thank you to all the pastors and intercessors who joined up. You are a special group, chosen for this time. We worshiped and prayed through the night, never skipping a beat, barely closing our eyes. Adina, thank you for taking us from 2018 to 2019! We all left baggage behind and reached for the new. Thank you for all those who prepared meals and worked behind the scenes. Thank you to all the children who joined us. Even baby Samuel went to his first 24 hour prayer! I am smiling just thinking of all of you as I write. We had healing in abundance and testimonies, prophetic words and visions. Healing room rocked all of us. We are full Lord and revived and so ready for Your next assignment. Blessings Elias and Ann For Room 24

Sunday, February 10, 2019

Room 24 at Restoration Community Ministries 012519 - 012619

http://"> We had so much fun at Restoration Community Ministries with Pastor Reggie & Annie and our Room 24 folks. We even have some who come regularly to our Room 24 events in Phoenix. Wonderful to see everyone. We have been having 24 hour prayer with this congregation a long time, since early on in our ministry. We have all grown, been stretched, pushed, rejoiced over, loved by the Father is so many ways. It’s great to be with family. These are supposed to be short clips about our events. I feel like the apostle John, when he wrote - “If I were to write all that the Lord did ..., I could fill several books!” Tabernacle prayer, a visit to the Courts of Heaven, crossing over in a review of 2018 to 2019, soaking, resurrection power, Holy Spirit, Healing Room, testimonies, outreach, financial blessings, missions, small groups on standing, PTSD conquered, Joy, overwhelming JOY. The worship team was such a blessing. We pulled out the river again :). And, we were honored to have a group of young people form the American Indian College join us, to speak and pray and offer a human video. Meals and more meals - thank you Nancy! Coffee! A have a vision of Pastor Ken walking and praying at 4:00am, all the time with a cup of coffee in his hand. Many are part of 21 day fasting and we are proud of you. But, we agree that we are fasting sleep during our 24 hours and feel in a special way that God honors this sacrifice. We think we are going to be tired by Saturday afternoon, but instead we find we are so blessed and loved that we want to stay in His arms. We came home to sweet sleep and dreams of all God is doing. Thank you all, each and every one, who contributed your time and effort. Thank you!

Sunday, January 13, 2019

Room 24 at Iglesia De Gracia De Dios November 16-17, 2018

"http://"> Our last 24 hour prayer was at Iglesia La Gracia de Dios. We just want to take a moment and brag about this church. They have been in continual prayer for several months now. Every night at 6pm. The pastors and family also have a gift for worship which brings everyone so quickly into His Presence. Our prayer time began with their worship and they lifted up worship many times during the night and the following day. Elias started us off with Tabernacle Prayer which has established a pattern for Friday nights. Worship, repentance, communion, healing prayer, Holy Spirit and words from the Father. It is so special each time. Prayers during the night of course focused on spiritual warfare. The morning brought a new experience for us as Room 24 and partners. During what is the Healing Room time, we choose to go out onto the street and minister in the neighborhood and on the border. Offering a water, a prayer, a friendly word and news about the church. Several people found salvation during this time. Again we were so blessed by the pastors who are obviously experienced in this area. Just making them and church members available to potential neighbors is a wonderful thing. More and more we are feeling that our prayers during the night bring breakthrough in so many areas and this gave us a chance to pass on the blessing in the community. After lunch and a great time of fellowship we continued and focused specifically on ministering the Fathers love to all who were with us. Others from our group shared in different areas. Our prayers across many areas continued through the afternoon. We never grow weary of these times because God is so faithful to show us new things every time we gather. And His Presence so overwhelms us. As our bodies grow weary, we lean on Him more and just receive all He has. Please join us as we forge ahead into 2019. We will have our next 24 hours at Restoration Community Ministries in Phoenix. This January prayer has been at RCM for several years now and we so look forward to it. Join us on Jan 25th & 26th.

Saturday, November 3, 2018

Room 24 at Rio De Vida - Nogales AZ - Oct 26, 2018

http://"> What a weekend in Nogales, AZ with Rio de Vida. We are still basking in His Glory and full of expectation! God you are so Good to us! We were welcomed at Rio de Vida with the love of Jesus and felt right at home with the congregation. Our team of passionate and faithful prayer warriors were ready to go in their blue T shirts. And our friends and pastors from neighboring La Gracia de Dios came to add heavenly worship to the mix. The most memorable part of our prayer was the fire that was lit in all of us as believers. We were refreshed in every way, made full by His Presence! We never know what to expect at our prayer gatherings but have come to know the foundation is His Presence and everything else follows. Rio de Vida has two churches, one on each side of the border with Mexico. The have quite an assignment, traveling between the churches for services. The pastors and congregation just dove right in to the 24 hours. We started with the Tabernacle Prayer and stayed in that place most of Friday night and into the wee hours of Saturday with repentance, communion, Holy Spirt and the Word. Our time at the Throne was wonderful. God was faithful in our midst with healing testimonies. We love the time in the Word and they connected so supernaturally when we all shared what we felt the Lord was saying. Our early Saturday morning was filled with freedom prayers and declarations and talk of revival. Saturday morning also brought healing room prayer and an abundance of testimonies. We cannot figure out how we always run out of time. Twenty four hours used to seem like time for anything, but the time actually goes so fast. So much happens during those hours. We received testimonies and I’m sure will receive more as we come together in the future. There is a sense that we have tapped into something very special on the heart of the Lord. In all the wonder we are having, we can feel the power that is with us and are more convinced than ever that God is bringing us together for the time of Fire and Revival that is opening up all around us. Our hope and expectation not just for the US but for Mexico is raging in our hearts. The Pastor at Rio de Vida gave us a wonderful word for Room 24, seeing a spinning taking place that would explode and touch the whole world. Hallelujah Lord, in Your Service! We are checking our calendars for our next prayer with Rio de Vida to be held on the Sonora side of the border. God bless you wonderful new friends. Our next Room 24 event is also in Nogales, AZ at La Gracia de Dios on November 16, 2018 and promises to be a time of increased Glory.

Room 24 at Tent America Sept 28, 2018

Room 24 at Tent America U of A Sept 2018 Tent America was a suddenly for us. A friend asked Elias if he would be willing to help coordinate an event for Tucson. We were aware of last years Awaken The Dawn event in Washington DC. This one, Tent America, was to be 50 hours of worship and prayer from Thursday evening through Saturday evening. But, along with a Washington DC event, there would be simultaneous events at every capitol in every state in the US and on as many college campuses as could be arranged. Phoenix was in, was Tucson? Sure. Our ideal location of course would be the U of A, but how? Long story very short - there we were on Thursday, Sept xx, hosting an event under a “quite fabulous” tent at the U of A grassy area in the center of the dorms. And, not just us, but 7 different Christian clubs at the university and an assortment of worship teams from all over the city. How did it happen? It was a miracle! A historic moment! A total Jesus Rush! We think back now and have to rub our eyes and check if this really happened or was it a dream. The event was so beautiful, top to bottom! The weather, the location, the atmosphere was exceptional. The participation was awe inspiring. If you were there you know! If not, think about us watching as every hour or two another worship team, dance group or band of intercessors came to unite under this experience. Wow! Each of us was aware that the power behind this event was way bigger than us. The unity in the atmosphere was tangible. Jesus did this! None other than the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords! So many have prophesied that “American will be saved”. Well the tents went up - all across our nation - and the praises rang out! About a month prior to this, we were at a citywide worship event. Praying, I saw a picture of a land, devastated, like a movie about the world ending. Light enough to see, but somewhat dark and dusty. Something had devastated the land and I was flat out on the ground. I came to and stood up and looked around at the dust and devastation and as I did I saw 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, more others spread out far and wide, standing up just like me and looking around. It was as if we found each other and I felt ok, we can do this. Prophetically, this picture came again and again at the U of A but so much more beautifully. We are not alone. Many are rising up with the love of Jesus and it is bringing us all overwhelming joy and anticipation. America will be saved!

Sunday, September 16, 2018

Room 24 at Grace to the Nations 09142018

"http://" We had so much fun with you all this weekend at Room 24! Praise God! Awhile ago, I want to say, 2008/2009 we had a lady come up to us and arranged a time to pray for us. She had a foot washing ministry, a little strange to us at the time. She prayed for us and prophesied and a lot I don’t remember fully. But I do remember this - she said the Lord had a ministry for Elias & I - and we would be having “a lot of fun”! She repeated that a few times! :) Well, here we are, nearly ten years later and the JOY of the Lord is all around us. We so enjoy you intercessors, you are quite a different type of people, chosen by God for the days we are in. You are the watchmen and we are happy to have a gathering that brings you in. Most awesome, you come from all different locations, all different churches, but the same heart for our God. We enjoy every minute! This weekend was our first time at Grace to the Nations, but we met up with new & old friends for God’s anointed time. We continue in Tabernacle Prayer and we have found the Joy increasing every time we do. We have discovered a new realm and abundant love for Our Father. The momentum of our prayer continued through the night and way into the morning. We will never forget the declarations of the Promises of God for each tribe and the placing of our memorial rocks. So blessed with the dancing! Hallelujah! By early morning, we headed outside to enjoy the sunrise, again marveling at the body of Christ. Some were sleeping and some had to run home for an hour and others were there, simply enjoying the sun, or the Son! Clearly our fellowship together is one of the most amazing results of these times of prayer. Maybe the 24 hours still doesn’t make sense to the natural mind, but we all know better. Jesus has a plan. Thank you all who brought food and drinks and your hearts to this prayer time. It’s always fun to find ourselves having breakfast together in the morning. And all our meals together really. So fun to hear your hearts. Saturday brought more prayer and individual ministry. Much worship and ministry by several of us - so appreciated. Thank you all. Even as the day draws to an end and we know we have to go home and sleep some, in our spirits, we want to “Do It Again”! There is coming a time of 24/7 prayer and worship! Blessings Elias & Ann Abyad In fact, in just two weeks, we will be joining Tucson in a 3 day gathering of prayer & worship on the U of AZ campus! So exciting!