Sunday, November 23, 2014

Please join us:

We will be hosting Room 24 in our home on December 12th-13th.  We will begin at 6PM on Friday night and go through 6PM Saturday.  

We are very excited about this event.  It is the first to be in our home.  We have been moving from church to church.  Recently, we decided to schedule "Room 24" once a month at a minimum.  If we are not scheduled at a church, we will do it at our home, and perhaps other homes next year.  Our hearts are burning for prayer.  Generally, we are planning to schedule events toward the end of the month.  In December, it will be a little earlier in the month.

Please join us.  Bring your pillow and expectant heart! 

ROOM 24 and Cantico Nuevo

November 14 & 15, 2014 IN NOGALES SONORA MEXICO

We had the most fabulous time coming together in prayer for 24 hours with Cantico Nuevo.  Words cannot express our thanks to Jesus, Yeshua Hamashiach, to the congregation of Cantico Nuevo and to so many intercessors who joined us this weekend.  

We have learned to expect God and these prayer events. We know that whatever shape we are in, whether at the heights of spiritual joy or the valleys, God will meet us in prayer.  We always set a basic agenda and then allow time for the Holy Spirit to direct His meeting.  Members of three other churches in Nogales were invited to join us.  We also represent several churches from Arizona.  We were excited that this would be our first "Room 24" in Cantico Nuevo's new location.

Worship was amazing.  Flags and dancers are part of every worship center.  We were gifted with our prophetic painter and fresh canvas.  Worship & violin music brought in by those from the Messianic congregation brought us a new flavor of God's Spirit.  We worshiped and prayed throughout the night.  We did not get tired, but became revitalized by every worship set.  We prayed for marriages and gave and received prophetic words.  God moved very powerfully in healing.  Back problems were healed and it was obvious as people began to dance in the Spirit.  The wee hours of the morning were filled with testimonies.  In the morning we prayed for Holy Spirit power.  We set up and operated Healing Rooms using seasoned and young believers.  It was so personal and dramatic. More and more healing.  The testimonies continued.  We had a painting session for children to draw what God was showing them.  The children were "knighted" as intercessors in God's Kingdom.  We prayed for leaders and pastors with us and everywhere.  We prayed for the persecuted church, a special area on the heart of Pastor Alfredo.  We finished with a time of worship that lifted our weary bodies into a place of total  surrender and revitalizing.  We were changed.

Church, Jesus is on the Move!

We were in Mexico on Sunday, 10/19/14.  Cantico Nuevo (in English "new song"), Church was having their first service at their new location.  Interestingly, they were telling us that a couple of them had been praying for 40 days.  One hour of silent prayer daily, for the church.  They needed to find a location of their own and just submitted that one hour to the Lord.  This was the 40th day, and also happened to be the opening day of their new location.  During the 40 days, the pastor was driving in Nogales with another church member.  They got stopped in traffic and as they were waiting for traffic to clear, their eyes fixed on the second floor of a building and noticed it was for rent.  They were lead to check it out and here we were opening at the location on the 40th day.  Many miracles came together to bring this opening.  We were invited to attend the service that day.

Worship was grand!  It was the culmination of so many prayers.  The team was excited and pressing in.   The Pastor and congregation had been led to prepare flags for worship.  Each was individually painted during the prior week and people of all ages carried those flags into the service; glory, love, forgiveness, healing, miracles…  It was overwhelming.  The service was in Spanish.  Our spirits were so involved in that service.  I (Ann) was contemplating about the miracle of the Holy Spirit, how even in a different language for me, I was very much involved with the Holy Spirit language.  It was beautiful.  Also, Elias and I have been in churches of a few different nations these last years; American, Arabic, Messianic, Spanish.  We had one prayer meeting at Victory where we had multiple intercessors come and pray in their language, including the ones mentioned and also, Vietnamese, Filipino, African, and others.  It always brings to mind the coat of many colors.  I was enjoying Jesus in my spirit, how awesome He is in the Mexican church; so passionate and powerful and colorful.  

I saw a picture in worship.  It was of Jesus standing before the Throne of God.  He was covered in blood and looking completely humble, like the Lamb that was slain.  I was troubled at first because of the blood, but it was very definitely in the Throne Room.  It reminded me of a scripture I had read and I started paging frantically through my Bible during worship to find the scene. 

I found it in Revelation, chapter 5:

vs 4 - And I began to weep greatly, because no one was found worthy to open the book or to look into it:
vs 5 - and one of the elders said to me "Stop weeping: behold the Lion that is from the tribe of Judah, the Root of David, has overcome so as to open the book and its seven seals."
vs 6 - and I saw between the throne (with the four living creatures) and the elders a Lamb standing, as if slain, having seven horns and seven eyes, which are the seven Spirits of God, sent out into the earth.

…"a Lamb standing, as if slain" (I had found it and kept reading)

vs 8 - And when He had taken the book, the four living creatures and the twenty-four elders fell down before the Lamb, having each one a harp, and golden bowls full of incense, which are the prayers of the saints.
vs 9 - And they sang a "new song".  

(I knew this was a word for this church.  Their name is "new song" and they are a church created and built on prayer).

vs 9 continues
  "Worthy art Thou to take the book and break it seals; for Thou was slain and didst purchase for God with Thy blood men from every tribe and tongue and people and nation."

(Men, from every tribe and tongue and people and nation.)

I saw something that night that I had never seen.  When you read through the seals it is terrifying what will come as they are opened.  When I've read I've always thought why would heaven be weeping because no one could open the seals.  Why would heaven want the seals opened?  I saw that night, that the blood of Jesus was the solution.  Because of His blood, the church is His and we come from different tribes and nations singing in all languages.  As the church presses into worship it will empower, through His blood the opening of the seals.  The seals are not judgement.  They are descriptions of events.  But the opening of those seals will also bring in the greatest revival that has ever been on earth.  Jesus will stand before the Throne, with His church, worshiping, powerfully and mightily and pushing the opening of the seals.  You see, as we come together in this new wave of Holy Spirit power, more and more souls will come in.  Heaven is not worried about the events of the seals.  Heaven knows what is to follow.  

vs 10 - And Thou has made them to be a kingdom and priests to our God; and they will reign upon the earth.

vs 13 - To Him who sits on the throne and to the Lamb, be blessing and honor and glory and dominion forever and ever.

Oh church, we are moving in unprecedented times.  

Friday, August 29, 2014

Looking at our experience of Room 24 at Restoration Community Ministries in July 2014.

Room 24 partnered with Restoration Community Ministries on July 25th & 26th.  Our times together are bringing us all into a new place of God's Grace and Love. 

We were joined by a worship team who stayed with us through Friday night and most of Saturday.  We were so blessed to have them.  We also had other worshipers, taking up the call and bringing us into high worship during the night and throughout the 24 hours. What a joy each and every one of them are! 

We started with a focused time of repentance.  One of the highlights of our prayer time was the use of "declarations".  Prior to the event and talking with the pastors there, we felt that we had come to the point in our prayer where we needed to "declare" the promises that God has been giving us.  We made great use of a book written by Deb Welch, called "Unlocking Arizona's Prophetic Destiny.  It was an awesome experience to remind ourselves of the wonders of God's blessings, plans and purposes for his people when we align ourselves with Him.

The night continued with times worship, declarations and timed soaking sessions.  We specifically went after the Ancient Gates during soaking.  Our morning brought us to Holy Spirit refreshing and teaching on Faith, Hope and Love.  But...the greatest of these is Love! 

As we moved into the afternoon session we were blessed to receive so many fresh intercessors coming along side us in prayer.  It almost felt like we could continue for the next 24 hrs!   The afternoon focused on raising up lion hearted leaders.  Before close, a supporter of the congregation presented the pastors with a key to the city, intended to establish an increase in healing and deliverance ministry within the body of RCM.

Our time was blessed.  Each hour we spend with Him is so powerful.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Room 24 Friends,
We are postponing Room 24 in Nogales, Sonora.  The prayer scheduled for Aug 22/23rd has been postponed.  We will get back to you with a new date. 
Pastor Alfredo has suggested we move the date because of the rainy season we are in.  In Nogales, we are outside as much as inside during these events.  So, we are believing that what we see in the natural is happening in the Spirit as well and that God has chosen to send the rain, as a prelude to His Presence. 
Hopefully, we have not inconvenienced you too much.  We are blessed that each one of you has chosen to join with us in these events.
God bless you all,
Elias & Ann. 

Saturday, June 28, 2014

Restoration Community Ministries unites with Room 24
24 Hour Prayer Encounter
Friday, July 25th at 6pm through Saturday, July 26th 6pm

Restoration Community Ministries, 5020 North 23rd Ave, Phoenix, AZ 85015

“Let us come boldly to the throne of grace that we may obtain mercy and find grace to help in time of need”. 
~Hebrew 4:16~

Intercessors throughout Phoenix and Tucson are coming together again in unity to pray! We believe prayer changes things and we desire to see the Lord move mightily!  Come and join us in prayer!

We will have dedicated times of focus on:

·         Who we are in Christ Jesus
·         Raising up the Lion Hearted Leader (Roar ~ Rule ~ Recover ~Restore & Reign)
·         Soaking
·         Breakthrough
·         Communion
·         Holy Spirit Infilling
·         Promises of God
·         Open Gates & Doors
·         God’s manifested Glory

We invite Intercessor’s and Prayer Warrior’s of all (ages and ethnicities) to join us in prayer for 24 Hour Prayer Encounter Prayer “shift leaders” will oversee the entire 24 hours; making it possible for you to join us in prayer at any time. Music will be available; both live and recorded! We will have prayer directives available to assist you. Corporate prayer is encouraged. In addition, communion opportunities will be presented and areas will be available for prophetic art throughout the event for those interested.

We expect God’s presence, direction, and answers to prayers as we collectively seek Him! Will you join us? Someone is in need of YOUR prayers! We declare and decree – An Encounter with the King, His name is Jesus!

For more Information:
Visit our website:  or
Call or email:  (602)799-9813 or
                            (520)490-7091 or

With anticipation of His Presence,
Pastor Reggie & Annie Doughty

Elias and Ann Abyad

Monday, March 31, 2014

Reflecting on our "Room 24" experience at Cantico Nuevo Nogales Mexico

“Room 24” this weekend for March 28 and 29, 2014, was with a combination of two churches; Ministerios de Restauracion Cantico Nuevo “New Song Restoration Ministries” and Esperanza Para el Mundo “Hope to the World”.  We were so blessed to join with these churches for 24 hour prayer.  The weekend was full of activity, from the time we arrived on Friday until our finish at 6pm on Saturday.  So many of the church families joined us for the whole weekend and many of them had never spent 24 hours in prayer before.  We sang and praised, we prayed, we declared, we bonded in the best way possible, as children of the King.  

We brought a small team of friends with us to minister for the weekend.  We were happy to include prophetic art during this event.  We were also blessed with our own traveling musician who happily played saxophone and keyboard.   Later on Saturday, our violin playing friend joined us and played.   The unity and the blend of these artists and the individuals at the churches were wonderful to see.  In fact, the unity we saw in the body of Christ was really beautiful to witness in every area.  

We all enjoyed everything, the travel, the country, the culture and especially our prayer time together.  We prayed repentance prayers, deliverance prayers, healing prayers for ourselves and our families, 
our churches and nations.

During the night, (yes, it gets cold in Nogales!); the warmest place was around the bonfire, beginning at 2am!  We listened to people share testimonies and share their hearts.  Many only knew one of our two common languages, so we leaned on the interpreting abilities of several patient souls. 

 We had sessions of worship throughout the night and day.  Sometimes the whole stage was full, as both of the church worship teams ministered on and off and also together.  Our own visiting musicians led a time of prophetic worship both with the worship teams and on their own.  

In the morning the music was lively, the coffee was hot and it was good to warm up.  Later in the day, much like Arizona, we gravitated to cool spots of shade.  We prayed for the children and the young people.   We had some Holy Spirit time.  :)

Lord, it was fun!  We browned some of the biggest marshmallows I’ve ever seen.   And we had corn on the cob grilled for us in the morning.   We ate all kinds and colors of fruit and vegetables.   We had salsa, tacos and cornbread and soup and plenty of tortillas.  

Our finale was prayer for the leaders and then the leaders led a time of prayer.  We summed it up with an impromptu time when individuals just gave thanks for the pastors and all they do.

Once again, we are grateful to Jesus, He is our source, our hope and our light.  He leads our way.  Help us to be listening Lord, always.  

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Room 24 in Nogales, Sonora Mexico

We are very excited to be hosting 24 hrs of prayer in Nogales, Sonora Mexico on March 28 thru March 29, 2014 with Ministerios de Restauracion Cantico Nuevo (New Song Restoration Ministries).  The Lord is good.  He is expanding our territory.  This time, we are partnering with two pastors and congregations in Nogales that have a vision for 24/7 prayer in their city.  Just that thought alone, generates excitement in our spirit.  

The event will be held from Friday at 6pm to Saturday at 6pm at Cantico Nuevo Church, Colonia El Represo, Nogales Sonora Mexico.  The set up will be much the same as our Room 24 events in Tucson and Phoenix.  You are welcome to join us for any amount of time.

For directions and details, please contact Elias Abyad by email or by phone at 520 490-7091.  

If you are not able to join us, please keep us in prayer.

PS.  You will need verification of citizenship to cross the border.

Thursday, February 6, 2014

 Big Prayer  -  Tefilah Gidolah 

 Beth Sar Shalom, 2151 N Paloverde Blvd, Tucson AZ 
Saturday February 8, 2014 From  6am - 6pm
We are very blessed to announce an up and coming prayer event at Beth Sar Shalom this weekend.  We consider it to be first fruit of our ministry with Beth Sar Shalom.  We have another scheduled appointment on Saturday.  However, Beth Sar Shalom has taken up the cause and will be having quarterly prayer, throughout the year.  Plans are for several smaller prayer times at the church as well. 

Let's bless this congregation with attendance and support of this prayer event.  More and more, we are seeing clearly, that Tucson, AZ, is a city called to prayer.  Let it begin with our local congregations.  
Reflecting on our "Room 24" experience at Restoration Community Ministries last weekend.

  God is good!  We know this and yet are wonderfully blessed again and again when we realize how powerful it is to encounter Our Lord in these dedicated times of prayer.  We have learned, whatever it takes and whatever precedes the prayer event, somewhere during that 24 hour period we are newly captivated by His Presence.

We are blessed to have repeat visitors at the event.  Also, we have developed an ongoing group of intercessors who join us whenever possible at multiple venues.  And....we are always blessed by the new people who just have a heart to come and seek Him.  At this event we had the Pastor we ministered with from Nogales Sonora Mexico join us with several people from that congregation.  We are witnessing a growing compassion and unity between different churches, different denominational backgrounds and different nations!  Praise God.  We are all one in Him. 

Multiple worship bands were invited by the Pastors of Restoration Community Ministries to join us periodically throughout the 24 hrs.  We are so grateful for the heart of worshiper's.  The different groups were able to jump right in and bring us to a new level each time.  We were blessed by our dear friend and violin player from the Messianic church who played prophetically on his violin during our "soaking" times. 

Our prayer emphasis for the weekend focused on The Father, The Son and The Holy Ghost and we followed scripture giving us a picture of each of these members of the Trinity.  We gave dedicated time to passages from the old and new testaments.  We talked about Moses and Elijah and Daniel and Jesus and so much more.  During the wee hours of the night, we had planned to play a dramatic recording of Revelation to listen to.  Our shift leaders during that time decided to read it our loud and our Spanish speaking visitors, read it again in Spanish.  As I am writing I realize how difficult it is to put into words the effect it had on all of us.  We are changed people.

We had communion together at midnight, and a time of foot washing.  In the morning, the various Gifts of the Holy Spirit were shared by a variety of us.  The blessing of 24 hours is that we had time to practice each of the gifts!  :)   

The late afternoon was dedicated to personal prayer and ministry.  Everyone in attendance received prayer.  The prophetic word was powerful.  Healing was wonderful.  One of our attendees felt so wonderful following prayer that she left her cane at the altar as a reminder that Jesus had touched her in a powerful way.

There is so much more.  If I were to write it all it would fill many volumes...(John 21:25)

Monday, January 27, 2014

Room 24 unites with Restoration Community Ministries
for a 24 Hour Prayer Encounter
Friday, Jan 31st at 6pm through Saturday, Feb 1st 6pm

Restoration Community Ministries, 5020 North 23rd Ave, Phoenix, AZ 85015

“Let us come boldly to the throne of grace that we may obtain mercy and find grace to help in time of need”. 
~Hebrew 4:16~

Intercessors throughout Phoenix and Tucson are coming together in unity to pray! We believe prayer changes things! We desire to see the Lord move mightily!  We love to see His salvation spreading like fire! Come and join us in prayer!

We will have dedicated times of focus on:

·         The ministry of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit
·         The power of the Trinity for transformation
·         Communion
·         Holy Spirit Infilling
·         Soaking
·         Breakthrough
·         Open Gates & Doors
·         God’s manifested Glory

We invite Intercessor’s and Prayer Warrior’s of all (ages and ethnicities) to join us in prayer for as long as your heart desires. Prayer “shift leaders” will oversee the entire 24 hours; making it possible for you to join us in prayer at any time. Music will be available; both live and recorded! We will have prayer directives available to assist you. Corporate prayer is encouraged. In addition, communion opportunities will be presented throughout the event for those interested.

We expect God’s presence, direction, and answers to prayers as we collectively seek Him! Will you join us? Someone is in need of YOUR prayers! We declare and decree – An Encounter with the King, His name is Jesus!