Saturday, November 3, 2018

Room 24 at Rio De Vida - Nogales AZ - Oct 26, 2018

http://"> What a weekend in Nogales, AZ with Rio de Vida. We are still basking in His Glory and full of expectation! God you are so Good to us! We were welcomed at Rio de Vida with the love of Jesus and felt right at home with the congregation. Our team of passionate and faithful prayer warriors were ready to go in their blue T shirts. And our friends and pastors from neighboring La Gracia de Dios came to add heavenly worship to the mix. The most memorable part of our prayer was the fire that was lit in all of us as believers. We were refreshed in every way, made full by His Presence! We never know what to expect at our prayer gatherings but have come to know the foundation is His Presence and everything else follows. Rio de Vida has two churches, one on each side of the border with Mexico. The have quite an assignment, traveling between the churches for services. The pastors and congregation just dove right in to the 24 hours. We started with the Tabernacle Prayer and stayed in that place most of Friday night and into the wee hours of Saturday with repentance, communion, Holy Spirt and the Word. Our time at the Throne was wonderful. God was faithful in our midst with healing testimonies. We love the time in the Word and they connected so supernaturally when we all shared what we felt the Lord was saying. Our early Saturday morning was filled with freedom prayers and declarations and talk of revival. Saturday morning also brought healing room prayer and an abundance of testimonies. We cannot figure out how we always run out of time. Twenty four hours used to seem like time for anything, but the time actually goes so fast. So much happens during those hours. We received testimonies and I’m sure will receive more as we come together in the future. There is a sense that we have tapped into something very special on the heart of the Lord. In all the wonder we are having, we can feel the power that is with us and are more convinced than ever that God is bringing us together for the time of Fire and Revival that is opening up all around us. Our hope and expectation not just for the US but for Mexico is raging in our hearts. The Pastor at Rio de Vida gave us a wonderful word for Room 24, seeing a spinning taking place that would explode and touch the whole world. Hallelujah Lord, in Your Service! We are checking our calendars for our next prayer with Rio de Vida to be held on the Sonora side of the border. God bless you wonderful new friends. Our next Room 24 event is also in Nogales, AZ at La Gracia de Dios on November 16, 2018 and promises to be a time of increased Glory.

Room 24 at Tent America Sept 28, 2018

Room 24 at Tent America U of A Sept 2018 Tent America was a suddenly for us. A friend asked Elias if he would be willing to help coordinate an event for Tucson. We were aware of last years Awaken The Dawn event in Washington DC. This one, Tent America, was to be 50 hours of worship and prayer from Thursday evening through Saturday evening. But, along with a Washington DC event, there would be simultaneous events at every capitol in every state in the US and on as many college campuses as could be arranged. Phoenix was in, was Tucson? Sure. Our ideal location of course would be the U of A, but how? Long story very short - there we were on Thursday, Sept xx, hosting an event under a “quite fabulous” tent at the U of A grassy area in the center of the dorms. And, not just us, but 7 different Christian clubs at the university and an assortment of worship teams from all over the city. How did it happen? It was a miracle! A historic moment! A total Jesus Rush! We think back now and have to rub our eyes and check if this really happened or was it a dream. The event was so beautiful, top to bottom! The weather, the location, the atmosphere was exceptional. The participation was awe inspiring. If you were there you know! If not, think about us watching as every hour or two another worship team, dance group or band of intercessors came to unite under this experience. Wow! Each of us was aware that the power behind this event was way bigger than us. The unity in the atmosphere was tangible. Jesus did this! None other than the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords! So many have prophesied that “American will be saved”. Well the tents went up - all across our nation - and the praises rang out! About a month prior to this, we were at a citywide worship event. Praying, I saw a picture of a land, devastated, like a movie about the world ending. Light enough to see, but somewhat dark and dusty. Something had devastated the land and I was flat out on the ground. I came to and stood up and looked around at the dust and devastation and as I did I saw 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, more others spread out far and wide, standing up just like me and looking around. It was as if we found each other and I felt ok, we can do this. Prophetically, this picture came again and again at the U of A but so much more beautifully. We are not alone. Many are rising up with the love of Jesus and it is bringing us all overwhelming joy and anticipation. America will be saved!

Sunday, September 16, 2018

Room 24 at Grace to the Nations 09142018

"http://" We had so much fun with you all this weekend at Room 24! Praise God! Awhile ago, I want to say, 2008/2009 we had a lady come up to us and arranged a time to pray for us. She had a foot washing ministry, a little strange to us at the time. She prayed for us and prophesied and a lot I don’t remember fully. But I do remember this - she said the Lord had a ministry for Elias & I - and we would be having “a lot of fun”! She repeated that a few times! :) Well, here we are, nearly ten years later and the JOY of the Lord is all around us. We so enjoy you intercessors, you are quite a different type of people, chosen by God for the days we are in. You are the watchmen and we are happy to have a gathering that brings you in. Most awesome, you come from all different locations, all different churches, but the same heart for our God. We enjoy every minute! This weekend was our first time at Grace to the Nations, but we met up with new & old friends for God’s anointed time. We continue in Tabernacle Prayer and we have found the Joy increasing every time we do. We have discovered a new realm and abundant love for Our Father. The momentum of our prayer continued through the night and way into the morning. We will never forget the declarations of the Promises of God for each tribe and the placing of our memorial rocks. So blessed with the dancing! Hallelujah! By early morning, we headed outside to enjoy the sunrise, again marveling at the body of Christ. Some were sleeping and some had to run home for an hour and others were there, simply enjoying the sun, or the Son! Clearly our fellowship together is one of the most amazing results of these times of prayer. Maybe the 24 hours still doesn’t make sense to the natural mind, but we all know better. Jesus has a plan. Thank you all who brought food and drinks and your hearts to this prayer time. It’s always fun to find ourselves having breakfast together in the morning. And all our meals together really. So fun to hear your hearts. Saturday brought more prayer and individual ministry. Much worship and ministry by several of us - so appreciated. Thank you all. Even as the day draws to an end and we know we have to go home and sleep some, in our spirits, we want to “Do It Again”! There is coming a time of 24/7 prayer and worship! Blessings Elias & Ann Abyad In fact, in just two weeks, we will be joining Tucson in a 3 day gathering of prayer & worship on the U of AZ campus! So exciting!

Sunday, August 19, 2018

Room 24 at Mas Que Vencedores Casa Cristiana (The Ranch) - 08/17-18/2018

"http://"> Back at “The Ranch” and loving it! August, so hot but with air conditioners in the church now. Between that and the the wonderful night weather in Sonora this time of year, we were more than comfortable. We even had a light, refreshing rain on Saturday afternoon. Friday night, we started off with Tabernacle Prayer which was interesting, Elias’s accent, my repeat of his words and the translation of a combination of what we were saying and what we had written in Spanish. Lord Jesus, we need a download of Spanish quick! Gratefully we had a variety of worship teams and each was so powerful. We started with Ramon and his worshippers who were ready to start before we were. They had planned on being with us the whole time and so played also during the night and throughout Saturday. Pastor Alfredo from Cantico Nuevo came with JJ and his team and powered us on into the late night. It was great to see them all and be able to hear them play. Pastors Manuel & Tere came to guide us into the midnight hour and gently and with authority, led us in the warfare of worship. We are truly blessed to have so many joining us, supporting us, covering us in prayer and serving in every kind of way. Cantico Nuevo Church provided dinner, with Lucia providing 400 tamales, yes 400! God bless. We also had sandwiches, salads, cookies, coffee and more. Iglesia La Gracia de Dios and Lydia provided 200 sandwiches. Einstein bagels in Tucson, gave us dozens of bagels for the morning. Pastor Juanito and his church brought lunch to us and the Ranch residence mid day, with tacos & salads and more. We love the meals, but especially that we were able to bless the residents as well. We wanted their blessing to be our focus and I believe it was, due to so many generous hearts. We had quite a few pastors with us! When it came time to anoint with oil on Friday night, I clearly heard the Holy Spirit whisper “I’ve got this, Ann!” The pastors anointed with oil and even as we spoke about the candlestick in the tabernacle with seven lights, we saw 7 pastors anoint the body. Words cannot cover it, how about scripture? Psalm 46:8 - “Come and see what the Lord has done, the amazing things he has done on the earth.” Many times, I have spoken about the 24 hours, especially noting that in our weakness, He is strong. I am freshly surprised again, when I notice that in the wee hours of the morning, His Spirit will suddenly lift me up and I will have the strength I need to keep going. His Sprit was marvelous in the pre dawn hours when we as a group, broke off chains that the enemy also tries to place on us. The men at the Ranch are in prayer themselves throughout the week. When we come together, the unity that the Lord spins among us is palpable. As the hours continue we get closer and closer in the Spirit. We were making a lot of noise by 5am!! Pastor Ken’s word Saturday morning was phenomenal. He has really taken ownership of this watch. We followed with a Fire Tunnel. Have to admit, it took us a while to get everyone lined up, but then, the Holy Spirit came. Thank you Lord, for the many words and comforts, love and joy that You provided. Just thinking about it makes me smile. Lunch came just in time, brought in by Pastor Juanito and his church. He was also able to give us a word, refreshing in every way. And then the rain came and the afternoon hours of incredible fellowship, testimony and yes, more prayers. We prayed powerfully for Mexico, hallelujah! A fun one is asking those in attendance to pray for the place of their birth and so, we had prayers for Guaymas, Nogales and Guadalajara! Praise God. Thank you Pastor Leonso & Monica for sharing your ministry with us. Thank you pastors for joining us. We are all changed! Blessings Elias & Ann Room 24

Room 24 at restoration Community Ministries - Phoenix 07/27-28/2018

"http://" Remembering our time at Restoration Community Ministries in July. It is always awesome to join with this body of believers in prayer. We have learned so much together over the years. We were last there in January and now in the middle of the summer. Hotter than possible in July in Phoenix. We would like to think its the Fire of God. Exodus 19:18 - Mount Sinai was covered with smoke, because the Lord descended on it in a fire. The smoke billowed up from it like smoke from a furnace, and the whole mountain trembled. Truly the Lord has done great things. The worship team at RCM was ready for us and they were the start of Friday night. We moved into Tabernacle Prayer and incorporated, salvation, repentance, communion, Holy Spirit, Word, Praise & Worship and so much of the Love of God. We were so full of blessing by the time we got to midnight. Chris surprised us with the “new oil” which we promptly used to anoint everyone there. The most memorable result of this was Peace in His Presence. The atmosphere was so wonderful, like floating in a swimming pool or just rocking in a breeze. It was like this the whole time. Everyone with smiles on their faces. People who joined us along the way, felt this peace and stayed much longer than planned. The night is set apart for warfare prayer and we used it, to open gates. This time was led by Pastor Annie, our night owl! We went through the blessings of the 12 tribes in scripture and we went through breakthrough prayers. Kelly brought us to the Courts of Heaven in a new and different way. The 24 hours gives us the time to methodically cover every area of prayer. We all feel so full of His Glory. Pastor Ken brought us a morning of Resurrection Power and the Fire Tunnel. Notably, so many prophetic words were released this time around. We were focusing on the promises of this year, and it being half way through, we were looking at so much that has happened. The words we received confirmed so many things we had in our hearts; unity, breakthrough, open doors to the next thing and His love. Adina shared her knowledge of The Father’s Love and assisted us in so many ways. All of our Room 24 team are so dependable and don’t they look great in their new shirts. Ricardo took most of the pics and I guess has provide thousands now, on both sides of the border. You can see him in the selfie shots with the room behind him. In the afternoon we were blessed by an impromptu visit by a missionary headed to Lithuania with his young family. We were blessed to have him join us, to pray for him and bless him. RCM has their own prophetic painter and we have shared her work in the video. “See” what the Lord has done. We heard many testimonies during the day. It’s really hard to explain what happens in these times. You feel like you have had a spiritual work out. I Tim 4:7-9...train yourself to be godly. For physical training is of some value, but godliness has value for all things, holding promise for both the present life and the life to come. This is a trustworthy saying that deserves full acceptance. The RCM worship team has really mastered our river song - so amazing to hear it live and they are good at it. They closed the prayer and sent us all off in the River of God. Thank you so much Pastor Reggie & Annie for welcoming us again and bringing so much to our lives in prayer. Blessings Room 24

Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Room 24 at the Abyad's June 15-16, 2018

"http://" Our June prayer was in “our” living room. What a pleasure to host Your Presence, Lord! It was a great 24 hours. I guess we will find out far in the future just how much these times of prayer changed our direction, lead us in ways we couldn’t have come to on our own. You have changed each and every one of us. One of the most obvious things is our love for these prayer times. We are headed into 24 hours of no sleep and we don’t care. It’s hard to describe how powerful Your Presence is. But there is a great Peace in the Room and while we are all awake for hours, we have never felt so refreshed. Thank You Lord! We prayed through the Tabernacle Prayer on Friday night. This is a great key that the Holy Spirit has given us. It’s also a vehicle of communication. So awesome to hear Your Word for us through all the different people. It is amazing how You speak to all of our hearts and yet when we share it is a similar direction for the whole room. Some fun things from the weekend to remember. We did not know who would be with us, so many situations in each of our lives. Well it was our living room, so Elias & I knew, regardless, we would carry on. Between 6pm and 7pm the room filled! Jesus always has a plan. I am assured He is doing a new thing every time. We had a new person with us and she had to leave after an hour, that turned into a few hours. While leaving she said “I’ll be back next Friday”! “Wait, we only do this once a month!” Oh, thank you Jesus for the hunger of your people. And Saturday morning again, a new person joined us and on leaving she said I’ll see you next week. “Wait, we only do this once a month!” :) Prophetic? I have heard the Holy Spirit say “I want 24/7 prayer!” And I believe He will have it! A change is coming. We see it in the hearts of His people. Prayer is raising up all over, bubbling, bringing in what He has. I feel like John in 21:25 And there are also many other things which Jesus did, which if they were written in detail, I suppose that even the world itself would not contain the books that would be written. Some exciting things are on the calendar for the next few months. Please join us

Sunday, June 10, 2018

Room 24 at Son Life Chapel for the NDP May 2/3, 2018

"http://" In May, for the National Day of Prayer, Room 24 took residence at Son Life Chapel in Tucson. We started prayer Wednesday at 6pm and continued through Thursday at 6pm. A citywide NDP celebration followed at Son Life Chapel beginning at 6pm Thursday and lasting a couple of hours. Several churches were represented throughout and it is good to connect with each other at these times. We joined in prayer for our nation and Tucson’s part in that. We had so many people join us, coming and going from work and other commitments, but showing up and usually, staying much longer than intended. Thank you Lord, that we are able to stay through the whole event. For worship, we invited our son Jeff. He pastors in Washington DC, so while it was a personal blessing, we also felt that he represented that city in our midst. Our 24 hours has an agenda, but we do ebb & flow during the time and it was great to have Jeff with us. We also had the pastors and worship team from Nogales, AZ on Friday night, leading us into a night of encounter. We had individuals join us for specific songs. Jonathan assisted us in rotating different worship sets. We had great liberty in our worship. So much of our Room 24 experience has been Holy Spirit revealed. We always start our night in repentance. God has given us a foundation in the prayer watches that change during the 24 hours; different times for different prayer emphasis. Recently we have been delving into temple prayer. On Friday night we were able to focus on temple prayer and its dynamic. We had communion together and healing prayer. We read & prayed through Ezra & Nehemiah during the night and built up the spiritual walls for our nation. God has provided his own intercessors who take the night watch and they are truly His soldiers. One of the most awesome blessings of Room 24 is finding common ground with these ones He has called. I smile when I think of them. There is a story behind the dozens of bagels that were donated to us for the event. Let’s just say, God provides in all sorts of extraordinary ways! All the meals were amazing, but breakfast is a marker. It is always a celebration because we know we have done the climbing and now coast into a day of renewed spiritual revelation. God had plans for us. We talked about the Father’s heart & blessing for us. We shared many testimonies. We prayed for the noon day position of the saints and prayed specifically for those present. We prayed for churches and families, marriages and children, prodigals and most of all, Revival. Normally, we finish at 6pm. On this National Day of Prayer, we chose to continue with a citywide event at 6pm Thursday. Our worship team expanded as others joined Jeff from xxx and Ironwood xxx. Many pastors joined us, each with directed prayer. We had young people and old people and everyone in between. Even our friend and pastor from Nogales, Sonora, came to pray for our nation. Heartfelt prayers, in English, Spanish and Arabic. We closed the evening, later than expected, but fully awake and aware that God was opening new doors for all of us. We thank all those who attended, giving their time and wisdom to this event. We thank Son Life for providing the location and all that entails. And we thank the many gifts provided in food and fellowship and anointing. In our planning for this annual event, we can get caught up in schedules and agendas and more, but in the experience, it is very humbling to be part of something so big and significant. In our close, I was reminded of a picture I saw in my mind at our last NDP event a year prior. Just the thought of all those prayer events; in churches and parks and homes and schools. And in our capitol. The view from above of the (spiritual) lights on in all those gatherings. In one night, millions of people calling on Our Lord Jesus. How that must look from heaven. And, what will be the result of our prayer. USA, USA, USA...all the banners waving, Father save our land.

Room 24 at the Abyad's April 6-7, 2018

In April we were able to have the 24 hour prayer in our home. The Living Room Experience again. We look forward to these. Smaller setting, very close and calming. We often think about how privileged we are to share these times with the Lord. He seemingly chooses exactly who He wants there at any given time. Most of us stay through the 24 hours, but some, due to schedules, come in the night or the day or for breakfast and it is good. New believers and old believers and we encourage each other in our passions. We had a full room Friday night and way into the early hours. More and more we have a couple of languages, some who don’t speak English at all, but we communicate in the Holy Spirit. Towards night and after midnight, we searched for the right music to take us through the time of spiritual warfare. We tried different songs and music but nothing quite fit until we landed on some of the Messianic worship songs. As they played, the Holy Spirit took over and we all got caught up into worship, all our languages. In the morning we spent time on our front porch, watching the sun come to its fullness, having breakfast and fellowship. Our day continued in prayer full steam until 6pm. Amazing because if we look ahead we think we will fade out, but we don’t. Strength comes in waves of worship & prayer. When we are weak, He is strong.

Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Room 24 at Adina's Home - March 16 & 17 2018

"http://"> We had Room 24 at Adina’s home in March 2018. These home meetings are so special. And we had about 30 people join us on Friday night and still, our time with Jesus was so intimate for us. This is the unique quality of the living room experience. Adina was leading this event and invited many of the people that she prays with on a regular basis. It was great fun to mix us all up. On Friday night we had a time of worship and repentance and just preparing our hearts for the 24 hours. We did feel that we entered the Glory during this time. So refreshing for all of us. A continued theme through the night was our focus on the Gates; taking authority over them, taking away and hindrances and opening them up. We also used the gifts of prophecy again and again. Jesus, just remembering now, how powerful this time with you was. Many of us received personal prayer and prophetic words. Our Saturday began with Resurrection power and carried through to Holy Spirit anointing and the Fire tunnel. We planned Healing Rooms, but the Holy Spirit provided so much breakthrough for us individually that we felt we had already accomplished prayer for healing. Saturday continued in focused prayer for some areas of prayer. We did break for coffee and something to eat, but even our break times continued in what the Lord was doing. It is so amazing to see how the Holy Spirit orchestrates these times. We have a plan and His Spirit takes over. Thank you Adina, for hosting our prayer, for all your preparations and effort to bring us together in a unique setting. We have all been changed.

Monday, March 19, 2018

Room 24 at Cantico Nuevo - Mexico 02/16/18 - 02/17/18

"http://"> We were at Cantico Nuevo in Feb 2018 for Room 24. What a holy time in God’s Presence! From the very beginning there was a definite shift in the atmosphere. The church body was ready, able and prepared to enter into His Presence. We had a beautiful time receiving God’s blessing and freedom. This event was different in that it began, right after the shofar and worship, with a time of teaching by a Messianic Rabbi, who is fluent in English, Spanish and Hebrew. He was able to teach on the Shema and the Aaronic Blessing. We are so appreciative of this brother and the time he gave us. We loved the time of approaching the throne that we first experienced at Room 24 in Phoenix in January. It is based on Psalm 24:3-4. “Who may ascend the mountain of the Lord? Who may stand in his Holy place? The one who has clean hands and a pure heart, who does not trust in an idol or swear by a false god.” We each took time to check our heart, symbolically write down and later tear up any obstacles in our path and coming fresh into the Presence of the Lord with purifying water. The breakthrough in this simple act has been tremendous. The worship team at Cantico Nuevo was awesome, leading us into the Presence and continuing with exuberance all through the night hours. In between worship, Pastor Alfredo led a time of prayer for the church, leaders, families, children and much more. By the time the sun had risen, joy was in full force among everyone there. We had a very special time with the Holy Spirit Saturday morning. We had an outpouring of His Presence. Once again, the Fire Tunnel was powerful, with many receiving a fresh outpouring of the Holy Spirit. This was followed by Healing Rooms, offering an intimate time of encounter for all of us with the Lord. Everyone participated and received. God is Good & Faithful, always! The afternoon was wrapped up beautifully with a time of testimony, intercession and extended worship. As we headed home we rested in the blessing and realization that God is at work in Mexico and we have joined with Him, One people, united in His Love.

Monday, February 12, 2018

Room 24 at RCM 012618

"http://"> We had the privilege of partnering with Restoration Community Ministries for 24 hours on Jan 26 & 27 2018. What a wonderful time in His Presence and an awesome way to start our journey this year. We received the note below from Pastor Annie and thought what better way to share our experience together than to share her thoughts. Thank you RCM for continuing to press in and inspire us each time we get together. "A HUGE “Thank You” To everyone who joined us and especially to those who helped Pastor Annie with the worship, serving the meals, set up & clean up. The heavens opened up over us and in our time together as we ascended the hill of the Lord with repentance for clean hands & a pure heart. And as we did Our Heavenly Father poured out His Love to us in many powerful ways as we received blessings from Him of: many being healed physically in their bodies, emotional wounds of rejection, fear, anger were healed, several received the baptism of the Holy Spirit for the first time & everyone received a fresh infilling from the Holy Spirit, Chains of double mindedness, shame, guilt and condemnation, lukewarmness were broken. Fresh commitments to the Lord were made, Prophetic words for 2018 were shared and prayed into for us to inherit for this year as we took authority over the gates & decreed the opening of heavens gates & doors that God has ordained for us to walked through this year are now opened, Prayers were made for financial breakthrough, restoration of marriages, the prodigals, our families & children, our nation, the church and the persecuted church. As we closed, an offering was taking for outreach to the community (in which $110.01 was given), we prayed or those still needing pray and a sealing prayer of love, thanksgiving, blessing and protection was prayed over us all ...that all the Holy spirit did in us and through us would remain, bear much fruit and help us to continue to move forward in Him !" We hope you will join us again later this year when we partner once again with Room 24 and open the doors of our hearts for more of you Lord!

Monday, January 15, 2018

Room 24 at the Posada De Niños at Benjamin Hill, Sonora, Mexico

"http://" What? Another Christmas Party? Yes, and this one is a special story. It was the Posada for the winning ministry in Mexico, hosted by Ricardo. On January 6 2018, off we went to Benjamin Hill, Sonora, Mexico to celebrate with xxx church and the city of Benjamin Hill. Preparation went on for months for this event. Gifts graciously donated and prepared and wrapped one by one by faithful servants. Gifts, food, provision were crossed over to Mexico in many trips. In total we had 500 presents for the children and 1000 meals; hot dogs, chips, cupcakes, candy. A park in the city was set aside for the event. We had pastors and church members, local families, plenty of children and the major and his family. They told us the event was advertised on the local TV channels the night before. What we see with our eyes! Again we are honored by what we see. I John 3:1 See what kind of love the Father has given to us, that we should be called children of God, and so we are. So many contributed to the effort for this party. If you could have seen the faces of the children! The food, the gifts, the pinata’s. The word shared, the altar call! Jesus provided answers to prayer for these families. The pastors wife told us they stood in faith that their church would be selected for the Posada and she even planned for it before the raffle happened. New friends gained and great joy in our hearts. See the pics!

Room 24 at our Home New Year. Dec 31, 2017

"http://" Room 24 New Year 2018 It began as an idea in 2016, repeated to open 2017 and now 2018. Only once before had we attended a prayer meeting to bring in the New Year - a way long time ago, in the church where we first encountered the Living Jesus! This year we began at 6pm on a Sunday night and had prayer, worship, testimony and Presence through the night and all day on January 1st. It is an awesome way to start the year. We had a faithful group through the night, some new and some old friends. We carried on with our family tradition of Chinese food on New Year’s Eve. Julianne brought home made egg rolls. We had breakfast together with a more middle eastern flare - eggs & fava beans and New Year’s lunch was prepared by Marilu, more Japanese, but a wonderful combination of chicken, rice noodles and salad. Thank you everyone for all that you brought with you, both in the natural and the Spirit. We reviewed in prayer, some of the amazing things that happened in 2017 and got ourselves ready for what God will do in this year ahead. Memorable worship and prayer through the 24 hours. We opened a jar for prayer requests that each of us had and collected prayers from all over, needs that we brought before the Lord. We are committed to carry these requests to our weekly prayer meetings. Watching always, for God’s answer to our prayers. We have a jar for the answers. Just a reminder, if something is on your heart that you would like us to pray for, please let us know. Thank you Lord for your wonderful expression of Love. Your banner over us is Love! Song of Solomon 2:4 Let him lead me to the banquet hall and let his banner over me be love. Happy New Year!

Celebrating Christmas at Imuris Mexico and Rio Rico Dec 9 & 17, 2017

"http://" Room 24 attending the Christmas Party at The Ranch Dec 2017 & at Mary Lou's Home - Rio Rico AZ Dec 17 We were invited to join Ricardo as his ministry brought a Christmas Party to the men & women living at The Ranch - Mas Que Vencidores in Imuris, Mexico. The party represented the efforts of many different supporters and ministries. Several Pastors were in attendance and shared the word and prayed for those who live at The Ranch. What a blessing to see. We feel honored to have been in attendance. A dinner was provided for the residences. Actually, MaryLou purchased a cow (yes, a whole cow) to provide meat for The Ranch on that day and more. A freezer is now located in Sonora to keep the meat for future use. There were also gift bags for each of the residents. And, a lot of Piñata’s. In reminiscing we were all especially touched by the pure joy of the residents as they took on the task of bursting those Piñata’s. :) Take a look at the pics! By the way, we didn't stop partying at the Ranch. We had our own Christmas Celebration of all the gifts God has given us this year. The party was at MaryLou's house and the pictures are also included above. Isaiah 7:14New International Version (NIV) 14 Therefore the Lord himself will give you[a] a sign: The virgin[b] will conceive and give birth to a son, and[c] will call him Immanuel.

Thanksgiving Day Frolic - Nov 24, 2017

"http://" We had a celebration at our house for Sukkot. One of the things that stuck out was the amount of children present. About 20 children joined us for the party that night under the tents. We have been praying for children to be part of our prayer and were thrilled to have them with us. We had food and music and fellowship, but I started thinking we need to do something just for the children. So, the “Thanksgiving Day Frolic” was invented. The day after Thanksgiving, it was too be a celebration for the children; face painting, dunking for apples, games galore, kid food and a pinada of course. Most of the children we invited were unable to come, family events and travel and such. But we did have some of our own grandchildren here and some of the children/grandchildren of our friends. We also had a group of adults ready to party on with the kids. Even a Happy Birthday celebration for our friend, Minerva. It was a great day and now looking at the pictures, I believe we did create an event that begs to be repeated. Take a look at the pics.