Thursday, February 6, 2014

Reflecting on our "Room 24" experience at Restoration Community Ministries last weekend.

  God is good!  We know this and yet are wonderfully blessed again and again when we realize how powerful it is to encounter Our Lord in these dedicated times of prayer.  We have learned, whatever it takes and whatever precedes the prayer event, somewhere during that 24 hour period we are newly captivated by His Presence.

We are blessed to have repeat visitors at the event.  Also, we have developed an ongoing group of intercessors who join us whenever possible at multiple venues.  And....we are always blessed by the new people who just have a heart to come and seek Him.  At this event we had the Pastor we ministered with from Nogales Sonora Mexico join us with several people from that congregation.  We are witnessing a growing compassion and unity between different churches, different denominational backgrounds and different nations!  Praise God.  We are all one in Him. 

Multiple worship bands were invited by the Pastors of Restoration Community Ministries to join us periodically throughout the 24 hrs.  We are so grateful for the heart of worshiper's.  The different groups were able to jump right in and bring us to a new level each time.  We were blessed by our dear friend and violin player from the Messianic church who played prophetically on his violin during our "soaking" times. 

Our prayer emphasis for the weekend focused on The Father, The Son and The Holy Ghost and we followed scripture giving us a picture of each of these members of the Trinity.  We gave dedicated time to passages from the old and new testaments.  We talked about Moses and Elijah and Daniel and Jesus and so much more.  During the wee hours of the night, we had planned to play a dramatic recording of Revelation to listen to.  Our shift leaders during that time decided to read it our loud and our Spanish speaking visitors, read it again in Spanish.  As I am writing I realize how difficult it is to put into words the effect it had on all of us.  We are changed people.

We had communion together at midnight, and a time of foot washing.  In the morning, the various Gifts of the Holy Spirit were shared by a variety of us.  The blessing of 24 hours is that we had time to practice each of the gifts!  :)   

The late afternoon was dedicated to personal prayer and ministry.  Everyone in attendance received prayer.  The prophetic word was powerful.  Healing was wonderful.  One of our attendees felt so wonderful following prayer that she left her cane at the altar as a reminder that Jesus had touched her in a powerful way.

There is so much more.  If I were to write it all it would fill many volumes...(John 21:25)

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