Monday, March 31, 2014

Reflecting on our "Room 24" experience at Cantico Nuevo Nogales Mexico

“Room 24” this weekend for March 28 and 29, 2014, was with a combination of two churches; Ministerios de Restauracion Cantico Nuevo “New Song Restoration Ministries” and Esperanza Para el Mundo “Hope to the World”.  We were so blessed to join with these churches for 24 hour prayer.  The weekend was full of activity, from the time we arrived on Friday until our finish at 6pm on Saturday.  So many of the church families joined us for the whole weekend and many of them had never spent 24 hours in prayer before.  We sang and praised, we prayed, we declared, we bonded in the best way possible, as children of the King.  

We brought a small team of friends with us to minister for the weekend.  We were happy to include prophetic art during this event.  We were also blessed with our own traveling musician who happily played saxophone and keyboard.   Later on Saturday, our violin playing friend joined us and played.   The unity and the blend of these artists and the individuals at the churches were wonderful to see.  In fact, the unity we saw in the body of Christ was really beautiful to witness in every area.  

We all enjoyed everything, the travel, the country, the culture and especially our prayer time together.  We prayed repentance prayers, deliverance prayers, healing prayers for ourselves and our families, 
our churches and nations.

During the night, (yes, it gets cold in Nogales!); the warmest place was around the bonfire, beginning at 2am!  We listened to people share testimonies and share their hearts.  Many only knew one of our two common languages, so we leaned on the interpreting abilities of several patient souls. 

 We had sessions of worship throughout the night and day.  Sometimes the whole stage was full, as both of the church worship teams ministered on and off and also together.  Our own visiting musicians led a time of prophetic worship both with the worship teams and on their own.  

In the morning the music was lively, the coffee was hot and it was good to warm up.  Later in the day, much like Arizona, we gravitated to cool spots of shade.  We prayed for the children and the young people.   We had some Holy Spirit time.  :)

Lord, it was fun!  We browned some of the biggest marshmallows I’ve ever seen.   And we had corn on the cob grilled for us in the morning.   We ate all kinds and colors of fruit and vegetables.   We had salsa, tacos and cornbread and soup and plenty of tortillas.  

Our finale was prayer for the leaders and then the leaders led a time of prayer.  We summed it up with an impromptu time when individuals just gave thanks for the pastors and all they do.

Once again, we are grateful to Jesus, He is our source, our hope and our light.  He leads our way.  Help us to be listening Lord, always.  

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