Friday, August 29, 2014

Looking at our experience of Room 24 at Restoration Community Ministries in July 2014.

Room 24 partnered with Restoration Community Ministries on July 25th & 26th.  Our times together are bringing us all into a new place of God's Grace and Love. 

We were joined by a worship team who stayed with us through Friday night and most of Saturday.  We were so blessed to have them.  We also had other worshipers, taking up the call and bringing us into high worship during the night and throughout the 24 hours. What a joy each and every one of them are! 

We started with a focused time of repentance.  One of the highlights of our prayer time was the use of "declarations".  Prior to the event and talking with the pastors there, we felt that we had come to the point in our prayer where we needed to "declare" the promises that God has been giving us.  We made great use of a book written by Deb Welch, called "Unlocking Arizona's Prophetic Destiny.  It was an awesome experience to remind ourselves of the wonders of God's blessings, plans and purposes for his people when we align ourselves with Him.

The night continued with times worship, declarations and timed soaking sessions.  We specifically went after the Ancient Gates during soaking.  Our morning brought us to Holy Spirit refreshing and teaching on Faith, Hope and Love.  But...the greatest of these is Love! 

As we moved into the afternoon session we were blessed to receive so many fresh intercessors coming along side us in prayer.  It almost felt like we could continue for the next 24 hrs!   The afternoon focused on raising up lion hearted leaders.  Before close, a supporter of the congregation presented the pastors with a key to the city, intended to establish an increase in healing and deliverance ministry within the body of RCM.

Our time was blessed.  Each hour we spend with Him is so powerful.

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