Sunday, November 23, 2014

ROOM 24 and Cantico Nuevo

November 14 & 15, 2014 IN NOGALES SONORA MEXICO

We had the most fabulous time coming together in prayer for 24 hours with Cantico Nuevo.  Words cannot express our thanks to Jesus, Yeshua Hamashiach, to the congregation of Cantico Nuevo and to so many intercessors who joined us this weekend.  

We have learned to expect God and these prayer events. We know that whatever shape we are in, whether at the heights of spiritual joy or the valleys, God will meet us in prayer.  We always set a basic agenda and then allow time for the Holy Spirit to direct His meeting.  Members of three other churches in Nogales were invited to join us.  We also represent several churches from Arizona.  We were excited that this would be our first "Room 24" in Cantico Nuevo's new location.

Worship was amazing.  Flags and dancers are part of every worship center.  We were gifted with our prophetic painter and fresh canvas.  Worship & violin music brought in by those from the Messianic congregation brought us a new flavor of God's Spirit.  We worshiped and prayed throughout the night.  We did not get tired, but became revitalized by every worship set.  We prayed for marriages and gave and received prophetic words.  God moved very powerfully in healing.  Back problems were healed and it was obvious as people began to dance in the Spirit.  The wee hours of the morning were filled with testimonies.  In the morning we prayed for Holy Spirit power.  We set up and operated Healing Rooms using seasoned and young believers.  It was so personal and dramatic. More and more healing.  The testimonies continued.  We had a painting session for children to draw what God was showing them.  The children were "knighted" as intercessors in God's Kingdom.  We prayed for leaders and pastors with us and everywhere.  We prayed for the persecuted church, a special area on the heart of Pastor Alfredo.  We finished with a time of worship that lifted our weary bodies into a place of total  surrender and revitalizing.  We were changed.

Church, Jesus is on the Move!

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