Sunday, June 28, 2015

Calling in the Glory

We made a commitment this year to host a “Room 24” event somewhere, once a month.  It’s June, we have had more than several powerful events.  June came so quick.  We have plans for July and in the fall months.  We saw June coming and some vacations and activities, and decided not to push but to regroup some and hold the event in our home.  The last time me had “Room 24” in our home was in December and that was a powerful time of looking out to the New Year and getting hold of the plans God had for us.

Well as our June event was coming a dear friend handed me a book out of the blue.  Grabbed it off the shelf as we were leaving and handed it to me, saying read this!  The book, GLORY - Experiencing the Atmosphere of Heaven by Ruth Ward Heflin and another “Prayer Altars” by John Mulinde and Mark Daniel, have been so impacting me &  Elias.  When it came to our “Room 24” we were desperate to pursue the Glory.  Those who join us know we have been visiting the Prayer Watches this year at our events.  Our agenda is built around these watches.  This time, knowing we would be informal and likely not have a worship team, we prepared a song list.  This is something we have been experiencing at the Saturday night fellowship we attend.  There are always words for us to follow as often, we are the worship team.  :)  So we put together a list for moving into the Glory and the plan was to replay it at every watch.  We figured that by the time we got to Saturday, we would all know the songs.  Some where very new, some from years past.  While we love the songs we know, the new songs are important also, because they speak the prophetic word Jesus has for the church.  

And so, we pursued the Glory.  What a fabulous time!  A time of fellowship and Presence and Glory all mixed together.  Oh, how we love Jesus!  The Lord has been showing us His love in startling new ways.  But, this time, we pursued His love for the church.  We even had a plan to read Song of Solomon in the middle of the night.  I have this picture of us resting around the living room in various positions.  Some half asleep, but the word kept coming, the prayers, one at a time we would get some power and continue the prayer.  At one point, around 4am, two were awake reading Song of Solomon.  :)  I love how the Holy Spirit orchestrates these times.  A friend had brought us a bouquet of flowers for the table at the beginning of the prayer.  I didn’t really totally get the revelation until Saturday afternoon, that Jesus had brought us flowers!  By Saturday afternoon, we were so overwhelmed with His love.  Randomly, but not randomly, an older song, Dance with Me, came on.  What a picture of His love.  Even at our meal times, He was there, like the Last Supper!  One of our most powerful prayer times came on Saturday morning after breakfast but before even we cleared the table.  He is truly a personal God.  He loves to be our Father and He takes that spot at the table when we gather in His Name.  

We had many prayers, many powerful times, many prophetic words, many pictures of His plans.  We had several meals and many cups of coffee and tea.  We laughed, more now just thinking back.  Thank you all for what you bring, your spiritual gifts and your unique personalities.  We love each and every one of you.   We are “full” and ready to take on the remainder of the year.  

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