Sunday, February 28, 2016

Traveling to Durango

We are headed to the prison in Durango, Mexico!

March 6th is quickly approaching.  Eight people from Arizona, 15 people total, so far.  God has so favored this trip.  We have several pastors coming; one from the US, one from Nogales, Sonora, one from Santa Ana, one from Mazatlan, and one from Durango.  Pastor Alfredo and Ricardo spent several hours with us arranging bus tickets.  We are traveling by bus to Mazatlan. It's an overnight trip.  A pastor there has invited us all to his house for lunch during our layover.  Then he will join us to our final destination, Durango, 3-4 hours from Mazatlan.

 Also, so many ministry leaders from Room 24, Desert Streams Fellowship, Ministerios Igle, all in Arizona and Cantico Nuevo and Iglesia de Bethel in Mexico.  Jesus has blessed us with so many sold out hearts, committed to see the Kingdom of God realized in Durango and all the earth!  We contacted Expected End Ministries about bringing the spanish version of Katie Souza's book, "The Key to Your Expected End" with us.  They donated 500 copies of the book to us to pass out to the prisoners when we meet them face to face.  They also gave us copies of her decree book to give to our leaders.  So blessed!

Our 24 hours will begin on Tuesday evening, Mar 8 at 6pm and continue until Wednesday, Mar 9 at 6pm.  Sun/Mon and Thurs/Fri are travel days.  We will be home some time on Friday.  

Initially we said, how will we do this and now we see clearly the Lord's provision.  Donations have come in to cover our travel and hotel and it looks like we won't be hungry!  :)  Dollars and pesos from the Kingdom of God.  Everything covered. God is good.  

We have not arranged this trip in our own minds.  We simply caught the wave God had stirred.  Amazing open doors all along the way.  If we had to plan it we would still be talking about it.  God has a mission and we joined Him.  This helps us tremendously because we all know it's His idea!  

A friend and fellow ministry leader is on site at the prison in Durango.  He had attended a couple of Room 24 events and asked us to come minister to the prisoners.  Amazing open door.  Of 800 prisoners, 500 have signed up to be with us for 24 hours including 80 women.  We can't quite wrap our minds around this but are full of expectation.  

Please keep us in prayer.  If you are reading this and feel moved to pray for this event and the one's God has planned for the future, we thank you ahead of time.

Revelation 4:1
  After these things I looked and behold, a door standing open in heaven, and the first voice which I heard, like the sound of a trumpet speaking with me said, "Come up here, and I will show you what must take place after these things."  

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