Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Room 24 at Iglesia De Dios Vida Eterna 4/7-8/2017


We were blessed to be partnering with Iglesia De Dios Vida Eterna in Tucson for our most recent 24 hour prayer.  The Lord has taken us in every direction, but it is always good to be home in our city.  Our prayer was Spanish/English throughout.  The church has been alive in this community for almost 12 years.  Our time together was blessed.  We knew as we entered the church that prayer had been established here long before we came.  The Abiding Presence of the Lord was an encouragement to all of us.  

We started Friday night with worship and repentance, preparing for what God had planned.  We were joined by the worship team from Iglesia La Gracia De Dios in Nogales, AZ.  It was an awesome time of worship and communion.  My eyes were riveted to a couple preparing communion.  It seemed the Anointing was on them in the process.  When I talked to them later they told me that “Communion” is their ministry.  They typically prepare it for the church and take it every day themselves.  It’s wonderful how you can see the Grace of God on people.  The Friday night hours moved quickly in a hum of worship and prayer.  I believe we woke up the neighborhood that night!  God’s own choice of weekend entertainment.  

How do we thank you Lord for the many areas of breakthrough and healing we experienced during the night.  We moved into a time of student led worship as we approached midnight and the early morning hours of spiritual warfare.  Freedom comes during those hours as the spiritual intensity builds.  We have seen through the watches the tempo of our prayer change as we climb that mountain of Praise and watch as His Spirit leads.  By early morning, praying “Fire” scriptures we had encounters personal for each of us.  Jesus heals simply in His Presence.  Later we shared and found that we had each had a an experience with the Lord in that time, unique yet similar.  One of our ladies saw Jesus walking toward us and as He stepped the ground under Him became a path of gemstones.  One of the ladies from the church felt the wind coming by her.  Another felt the Lord wrapping His cape around her and as He did she was healed.  Hallelujah!  

The church blessed us in the meals they served.  Our early breakfast together was a joy as the daylight came up and we experienced His resurrection power freshly.  God continually brings healing during those hours.  We saw a special time of the Fathers love and blessing poured out on His people.  We heard incredible testimonies of His love and deliverance in our lives.  There were so many testimonies.  Several of their early lives and the hardships they felt.  Several people grew up literally on their own, as orphans and found a path to Jesus.  The experience of the Father’s love and blessing impacted so many. 

Our afternoon focuses on the church family, the pastors and ministry leaders, the youth and children.  As we were ministering in the afternoon, a simple tune came to mind, a reminder of the baby Jesus and the shepherds.  We went with the tune and I recalled a time where the Lord showed me the shepherds on the hill and angels coming like a flash, like they did that night.  We had been praying for a friends family member and he experienced incredible deliverance.  I shared it because it was similarly not anywhere near Christmas at the time.  When babies come it usually means the birth of new ministries as well.  P Ken shared how when Jesus was born in Bethlehem, it was quiet and unassuming.  While a King had been born, not many recognized it in the natural.  We felt a similar experience at the church that morning.  That something very powerful had been birthed and in the natural, in the neighborhood it was quietly planted without much attention.  God is doing mighty things in our midst.  

While we grow weary in our body, His power becomes more and more evident as the hours pass.  We made new friends and extended our family.  Lord we pray sustained blessing at Iglesia De Dios Vida Eterna until we join with them again.  
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