Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Room 24 at Adina's Home

Our time together at Adina’s home was precious. We had planned to focus on personal ministry and we did that, but we were touched by the Presence of Our Savior the whole time. It is special to be in each other homes. We started with worship, one song, some prayer, one song, some prayer. And, added testimony of all who were there because we had some new faces. We were overwhelmed with the stories of Jesus moving in on someone’s life in so many unique and amazing ways. We took our time with the testimonies and it was wonderful. It led right into Communion which is a great way to give thanks for our Salvation. Marilu led communion and the discussion of “The Holy Meal”. Her anointing for Communion is wonderful. The war is over, turn around, lay your weapons on the ground. The smoke is fading before the light, the dead are coming back to life. He has made a way for us...born for glory out of dust, children now...in the Arms of Peace. He has made a way for us. Mercy waits were sinners fall. He is our Victory. It is finished, it is done, the Blood of Jesus overcomes! It is finished, He has won! HE HAS WON! This is my battle cry, I’m found in Jesus Christ. Jesus, we call on Your Name. Jesus! Lay down your striving, we surrender to Jesus This was the overwhelming emotion of the night hours. We started with foot washing Friday evening late about 11pm. Our heart was to pray for everyone there, to pray for freedom from anything holding them back and to release the direction the Lord had for them. We started at 11pm and finished at 6am. The Holy Spirit is so amazing and unpredictable. We were all amazed it was morning! Later Saturday morning we played some worship music from Steve Swanson and just continued through the whole CD. We had a visitation, all of us and each of us. We had a woman join us during the time frame and she came in to find us all in various states of worship and surrender. We asked her later, what she felt, we wanted to be awake and alert for her but we were all overcome. Her response - no problem, this is how we pray in Mexico! :) Praise God for that! The afternoon was special as we took on the noon day watch and prayed for the places we find ourself at noon, at the bussiest time of day, whether ministry, job, family... We are going to continue in each others homes for our next Room 24 which will be at Mary Ann’s house in Green Valley on July 21/22. All are welcome. If you plan on joining us, please contact Elias by phone or email for details. Our August 24 hour prayer will be in Phoenix at Restoration Community Ministries (RCM) 8/25-26/2017. Mark your Calendars.

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