Monday, January 15, 2018

Thanksgiving Day Frolic - Nov 24, 2017

"http://" We had a celebration at our house for Sukkot. One of the things that stuck out was the amount of children present. About 20 children joined us for the party that night under the tents. We have been praying for children to be part of our prayer and were thrilled to have them with us. We had food and music and fellowship, but I started thinking we need to do something just for the children. So, the “Thanksgiving Day Frolic” was invented. The day after Thanksgiving, it was too be a celebration for the children; face painting, dunking for apples, games galore, kid food and a pinada of course. Most of the children we invited were unable to come, family events and travel and such. But we did have some of our own grandchildren here and some of the children/grandchildren of our friends. We also had a group of adults ready to party on with the kids. Even a Happy Birthday celebration for our friend, Minerva. It was a great day and now looking at the pictures, I believe we did create an event that begs to be repeated. Take a look at the pics.

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