Sunday, January 13, 2019

Room 24 at Iglesia De Gracia De Dios November 16-17, 2018

"http://"> Our last 24 hour prayer was at Iglesia La Gracia de Dios. We just want to take a moment and brag about this church. They have been in continual prayer for several months now. Every night at 6pm. The pastors and family also have a gift for worship which brings everyone so quickly into His Presence. Our prayer time began with their worship and they lifted up worship many times during the night and the following day. Elias started us off with Tabernacle Prayer which has established a pattern for Friday nights. Worship, repentance, communion, healing prayer, Holy Spirit and words from the Father. It is so special each time. Prayers during the night of course focused on spiritual warfare. The morning brought a new experience for us as Room 24 and partners. During what is the Healing Room time, we choose to go out onto the street and minister in the neighborhood and on the border. Offering a water, a prayer, a friendly word and news about the church. Several people found salvation during this time. Again we were so blessed by the pastors who are obviously experienced in this area. Just making them and church members available to potential neighbors is a wonderful thing. More and more we are feeling that our prayers during the night bring breakthrough in so many areas and this gave us a chance to pass on the blessing in the community. After lunch and a great time of fellowship we continued and focused specifically on ministering the Fathers love to all who were with us. Others from our group shared in different areas. Our prayers across many areas continued through the afternoon. We never grow weary of these times because God is so faithful to show us new things every time we gather. And His Presence so overwhelms us. As our bodies grow weary, we lean on Him more and just receive all He has. Please join us as we forge ahead into 2019. We will have our next 24 hours at Restoration Community Ministries in Phoenix. This January prayer has been at RCM for several years now and we so look forward to it. Join us on Jan 25th & 26th.

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