Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Room 24 at Tent Arizona at U of A Feb 2019 Collegiate Day

"http://"> We are looking back at 2019 so far and posting some pictures of a combined effort; Room 24 and a number of ministries in Tucson and throughout AZ under the umbrella of “Tent Arizona”. This community wide event was a celebration of the Collegiate Day of Prayer on the U of A campus in Tucson, AZ. We were at the U of A to celebrate Tabernacles in the fall of 2018 as part of Tent America. The event was powerful. And our hearts were joined to “Do It Again”. The February event had a bit more of a weather challenge. I believe these were some of the coldest days on record for Tucson. Friday was mostly cold rain. Saturday was sunny but still cold. The area right under our tent was a medium size puddle most of the day. You will note in the pictures that we all found a sunny spot to hang out and believe it or not, managed to get sunburn even while being more wrapped up than any typical Tucsonian! The weather did not stop the worshippers and intercessors from coming out. Our musicians and dancers came, set up and performed for the Lord. The Presence of God was with us the whole time. Glory to God. Just remembering these days gives us a fresh heart to “Do It Again” again. Since that time, the Lord’s burden for the students and the campus has been with all of us. Elias in particular, has not stopped in his prayer rounds on campus. We have logged many hours lifting up the campus. We are also very aware of other intercessors that have been called to cover the U of A in prayer, some for years, some new to this front line. We admit that we have our days and have been challenged in our faith or continue at times. At other times, it is clear that the Lord is at work. I have been asking the Lord, why - what are you doing? Today, we were freshly reminded to call on His Presence before we start to pray. It is so important to be in the Presence of God before running through our list of prayers. And so we did - we lifted up his Name and assured ourselves of His Presence. I heard His quiet voice - “I cannot answer your prayers right now. Other things have to come into order first.” Lord, what do you want us to do? “Lift up your eyes to Me”. ‘Focus on Me”. “As you worship, there is work being done that is unseen. Your faith will increase when your eyes are on Me and you will receive new strength”. Clearly, the foundations are being laid. And so, we carry on! May we invite you to connect with us? If you are involved in active prayer for our campus, please connect with us, so we can all be encouraged by the network God has designed. If it is on your heart, start lifting up the U of A students, campus, professors, employees and businesses. Elias saw the construction, the new parking lots, the painting and activities going on in preparation of a new semester. It was as if the refurbishing was in the natural what is going on in the Spirit. And finally we heard, “I am coming soon”

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