Thursday, August 11, 2016


We just finished our weekend of 24 hour prayer at Restoration Community Ministries in Phoenix.  Room 24 has been partnering with RCM for over 3 years now, returning a couple of times a year to enjoy a prayer time together.  We have grown and changed over these years, not just as an event, but as a ministry and as a church.  We all know it.  We have entered a new arena in the Lord.  Lately, we are getting that reminder, again and again.  A new level, a new opportunity, a new authority.  Hallelujah!  

Writing this, the memories of the weekend are turning in my spirit.   We represent many different nationalities and languages.  Worship by RCM was so anointed and our worship throughout was truly special.  We had a student from the Bible College helping us with sound for the entire 24 hours.  The Table was set for us on Friday night to enjoy a meal together right in the middle of the church.  Communion was part of that meal together.  Just like the early church.  An experience none of us will forget.   Our experience of The River on Friday night was filled with laughter!  We had a prayer tunnel that continued for an hour or more and many testimonies.  Further into the night we prayed specifically over the gates of our soul and had such good feedback about this time.  We used Katie Souza’a book on declarations and it was powerful.   God is Good.  Saturday morning brought Healing Rooms with another expression of His Presence.  Only Jesus knows the deep parts of our life and there is such an awareness that He is so close to us during Healing Rooms.  We moved into healing prayer as a group and watched as a lady who was unable to see, saw the stripes on Elias’ shirt and the dots on my own.  How can we even express how joyful this time was. 

 His Presence brings healing, renewal and blessings of all kinds.  Our numbers are growing.  We have so many people who are faithful to prayer.   What an awesome expression of love for our Father.  I think about how pleased He must be as His people gather.  We can feel His smile.  In fact, Joy was such a focus point of this last prayer together.  It is “of God” as its a “lingering Joy”, we are still feeling it in so many areas.  

We have included some photos in a slide show of the event.  There is a  short video included of a time toward the end of our event.  We were praying for the pastors, leaders and ministries at Restoration Community Ministries.  We asked those who came with “Room 24” to pray for the leaders.  As we looked around, the picture was so great.  Each of us had drawn close to certain members of the church.  Relationships are made over these weekends.  We saw how God had lined us all up to share life with each other over the 24 hours.  Nothing builds relationship better than prayer.  God Bless you Restoration Community Ministries and all you traveling intercessors committed to “Room 24”.  

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