Wednesday, October 5, 2016

ROOM 24 in SAN DIEGO August 26-28, 2016

Who doesn’t, right?  As our “Room 24” event was approaching for August, we realized just how hot it can get in Tucson in August.  Air conditioning in every building and your pursuit is to find the nearest building and hide till dusk!  Beautiful times of day, yes, but 24 hours pretty much ensures being in the heat somewhere.  Solution:  Take “Room 24” to San Diego.  We gathered a group of us and headed to the coast.  Our mission was to attend revival meetings at Heart of God Church in Rancho Bernardo.  Jerame & Miranda Nelson are heading up revival meetings that have been going on there, 4-5 days a week for 180 something days as of August.  Ok, if the Presence of God has been ignited and sustained for that length of time, we say “yes”, show us what you are doing Lord.  And off we went.  We took a few rooms in a local hotel and headed to San Diego.  

San Diego was beautiful.  Beautiful to see and beautiful to feel and breath in.  Water in the air and sunny at the same time.  We attended the meetings Friday & Saturday night.    Saturday - day, we headed to the ocean.   Worship was great, prophetic, and delivered by two different worship teams.  The message Friday night was on “Fire”, the fire of God that is.  Delivered by Miranda Nelson and received by all of us.  An anointing of Fire!  On Saturday, Jerame was speaking and he talked about “Fruit”.  The kind of fruit that will be found on the trees when the Master comes.  References:  Mark 11:12-25 and Matt 21:19.  Jerame said this was a message that the Father had on his heart for 4 years and he was just now free to release it.  We knew we were in the right place.  

Having been in the ocean for a long time that day, I had an experience in worship and even sleeping that night of the ocean rolling in and rolling out, methodically.  The “Fire of God” upon us and the “water of God” methodically rolling over us at the same time.  God’s Presence was with us the whole journey.  The fellowship was amazing, grace and favor wherever we went.  Some of us visited with family in the area and we were blessed by those encounters too.  New friends and a lot of food!  Even our ride home was filled with fellowship and prayer.  God did revive us that weekend.  

Psalm 119:156  Revive me O Lord!

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