Thursday, March 23, 2017

Room 24 at Cantico Nuevo 02/17-18/2017


This year is shaping up to be a powerful one.  On February 17/18,  we had 24 hour prayer at Cantico Nuevo in Nogales, Sonora.  We have been scheduled for prayer at Cantico Nuevo at least twice a year for about 4 years now.  We truly have become family with this church, the pastors, leaders, worshippers, families, servants.  God it is so good to return us to our home in Nogales, Sonora.  God is faithful each time we come together.  His Presence is rich and He always has something new for us.  Some old, some new, always great.

Our prayer Friday night was marked by an extended time of repentance.  We love to start this way as we usher in the Presence of God.  But beginning Friday evening, God opened our hearts to His wonders; His mercy & grace.  So many times we have talked about repentance being key to revival.  We believe we are witnessing the promised days of revival coming our way.  We love to remember God’s promise that He would start in the south and bring revival to Arizona. We feel that power as we stand in His Name in Nogales, Sonora.  His people are crying out for Him.  We give Glory to God to be witnessing the things we see.

We made a time on Friday night to pray for a young couple that were heading south (a 10 hour trip) to visit an ailing father.  They were praying to be in time to see him, should these be his last days.  By testimony Sunday morning, we found out that not only was their father awake, but sat up to visit with his family.  Yes, God is good.  The same night another young couple asked for prayer for their young daughter.  They were headed to ER and brought her to the church on the way to ER.  We prayed together for them and laid hands on the girl.  At some point later that night, the family was back, with the child.  The doctors did not find anything and the little one became our favorite drum soloist on and off for the remaining hours of prayer.

The night watches are wonderful.  So many stay with us, praying and worshipping into the wee hours.  Waves of His Glory meet us through the night.  We get loud and we get quiet. And as we have said many times, He always meets each of us individually.  Faithful God.

We enjoyed so many meals together; in the natural and in the Spirit. On Saturday, we pressed in for more with Holy Spirit Fire.  The Fire Tunnel was overwhelming.  Healing Rooms - what can we say.  Our God is so personal.  As the afternoon came we covered the nation and city, pastors and churches, families and children.  So much more.

Thank you Lord for the relationships you have given us.  We so appreciate these pastors and congregations.  We so appreciate our team who go out of their way to join us on our journeys.  Our words are not sufficient to what You are doing in our midst. 

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