Sunday, February 5, 2017

Room 24 at Restoration Community Ministries (RCM) 01/27-28/2017


Last weekend we had our scheduled prayer with Restoration Community Ministries (RCM) in Phoenix.  The second “Room 24” event of the year.  Two this year in January - speaks of the double portion.  

II Kings 2:9

When they had crossed over, Elijah said to Elisha, “Ask what I shall do for you 
before I am taken from you.”  And Elisha said, “Please, let a double portion of  your spirit be upon me.”

We have been doubly blessed this month, with the prayer and with the expectancy of what is coming.  So many from RCM were with us for the 24 hours, and so many from the Phoenix area.  It is significant that the church now meets on the grounds of the American Indian Bible College.  We received a word on Friday night of the plan the Holy Spirit has for the American Indian Nations as we press into Revival.  What an awesome God.  He has left the American Indian Nations intact for such a time as this.  And the witness of Jesus moving in these nations was powerful and inspirational.  We watch and wait for the fullness of His promise.  If you were not able to join us, watch the video entitled xxx.  It will change you.

Friday night the Lord reminded us of where we are in time.  We take our time with repentance because we know the sweetness of His Presence right away.  Our supper and the communion experience was so special.  The church had set the table for communion right there in the front of the sanctuary.  This is the second time we have shared communion in this way and it is that message that Our Lord has set up a table for us, in the center of our situation, where we can go and meet with Him, whenever.  But when we do this as a body, the blessing of unity falls.  A great way to empower the evening.  

Towards midnight we were in The River!  As we were worshipping, we were joined by a group of younger people who had been out ministering in the city.  They join for prayer and then head out to different parts of the city to offer prayer, salvation and healing as the Lord directs.  We were so grateful to have them join us.  Their spiritual energy was tangible in the sanctuary.  We worshipped and shared testimonies throughout the night.  

Morning...God bless our people as they took turns ministering the word, each in their individual fashion; we heard the hearts of Pastor Ken, Norm, Maryann, Adina.  Later we heard the testimonies about healing room from so many.  We watched deliverance through Kelly.  So many blessings.  

RCM’s worship team is exceptional, unlike any other.  We had the ladies Friday night and Saturday afternoon, and the sound of their voices and instruments filled the room and our hearts.  

Closing prayers are sweet.  Yes, we are tired, in the natural, but our spirits know we have been somewhere uniquely designed for us & Him.  But when we are tired, He is strong in us and thats when God moves in healing and retoration in our bodies and personal lives. Praise God.  We love these pastors and their church and look forward to our next time together.  God, You are Good!

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