Thursday, September 21, 2017

Room 24 at Adina's Home September 15-16, 2017

Some take away thoughts from our last 24 hour prayer at Adina’s: -I’m having a good day! -No battle, just Praise! -Forgive everyone -and Do Not Judge! Mercy is the Goal! -We are extremely, overwhelmingly, Loved by the Father! These Living Room experiences are touching us, filling us, in ways we could have never anticipated. Twenty-four hours of prayer seemed an almost impossible task when we started this journey. Now, it is like the feeling you have when you tuck yourself away in a log cabin with people you love and all kinds of provision to wait out the snow storm. Gentle, loving, warm, words do not capture how Good our God is. We started Friday with worship and communion and testimony. The warfare hours 12 midnight to 3am were accomplished with high praise! Glory! And in the early morning, just before dawn, we witnessed what a good day is to Heidi Baker! :) 6am brought Breakfast Abundance and talk of His Glory! One by one we headed to the coffee pot which Adina managed to keep flowing continually. We read and prayed through I & II Timothy. The powerful word of God as sustenance. We have been pressing in to understand the Father’s Love. Because, how else do you have Revival. The thing is, He loves us enough to fix us first. This was Saturday, an anointed time for each of us! We spent some time considering the words of Carol & John Arnot about the Father’s Love. I can see it now, those Waves of Glory. I feel it - we all do. We witnessed an opening into this New Revelation. There is work to be done and Holy Spirit is showing us how. Most of us were there for 24 hours. Some had to come and go and some came again. The Body of Christ is awesome in these times. People come in and it is as if we’ve known them forever. So many good times of Prayer. To You be the Glory, Lord, for all you have done! Next “Room 24” is in Mexico! 24 hours with Pastors and spouses! Ven Senor Jesus!

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