Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Room 24 at Iglesia La Gracia De Dios 11172017


Room 24 at Iglesia La Gracia De Dios

We have had so much pure fun at this church.  Our last prayer was no exception.  It was wonderful to be in their new location in Nogales, right on the border, up on a hill.  The church is over 100 years old and it was reported to us that there has never been 24 hours of prayer at this location.  The church building has these awesome windows, large cathedral type, towards the front and down the sides.  Really, it seemed as if we had heavens view during the whole prayer time, most startling in the early morning hours as the sun came up.  Praise God!  He is doing wonderful things and we feel privileged to be a part.

Friday night we had a time of worship and repentance and prophecy.  A team from the mission in Nogales joined us.  A team who had, by the way, been praying a few months earlier, for the church to be filled!  It was that night.  We moved on to communion and foot washing.  We just kept rotating the rows, so everyone could pray for everyone.  Unbelievable prayers and most revealing of the heart of our Savior as the children prayed.

After a break for food & fellowship the evening continued with breakthrough prayer.   Hallelujah.  We saw multiple healings in those hours of spiritual warfare.  7 people were healed of ab pain including two children.  When the Holy Spirit heals, tears follow and pain is gone.  An ankle was healed, back pain relieved and waves of healing over multiple needs.   Most visible to me was the sheer amount of people who stayed with us and by the wee hours of the morning - say 4am - the intensity of the women intercessors in particular; we prayed, we sang, we danced our way to freedom.  The River came out of course.  And it flowed and moved and jumped.

The morning brought the Resurrection power, the Holy Spirit in all His wonder, the Fire Tunnel.  In II Corinthians 12:9 - He said to me, “My grace is sufficient for you, for power is perfected in weakness”.  This is never more true than as when we transition from the night to the morning, when we enter the most unnatural hours for the body.  Our spirits, however, are mighty.  So much breakthrough.  I wish I could jump to the testimonies that we heard.  But maybe, you should come join us and hear for yourself!

Breakfast was wonderful.  New faces joined us and we carried on, a day of prayer offered to Our God.  More worship, more healing, more Holy Spirit.  MaryAnn shared about her missionary journey’s during “The Hour of Power” and our own bright rising star, Chrissy Linson, shared about her own journey and her plans for a 9 month stay in Africa.  

Marriage was a repeated theme throughout the night.  Covenant awareness and His plan for marriages and family. It blessed us mightily to be joined by a young bride and her mom on Saturday morning, who were asking for prayer for the bride, who’s own wedding would be later that day.  

In the afternoon, we gathered around the River again to receive His Joy.  We are so grateful to the Pastors at Iglesia La Gracia De Dios and their worship team, who continued in worship throughout the prayer.  They have joined us on so many Room 24 occasions and are a continual blessing to their own congregation.  We came to the end of our twenty four hours rejoicing in the testimonies – 14 people reported physical healing as a result of prayer.  Thank You Lord, for the healing, the prophetic words, the destiny that You changed through all of us.

Elias & Ann Abyad  

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