Monday, October 30, 2017

Room 24 and the Pastors of Sonora Mexico 10/20-21/2017

http://"> VAMOS A CANTAR Let’s sing! Let’s sing Your Praises Lord! Only You! You keep doing miracles in front of our eyes and we are grateful to be part of the Kingdom You are building here on earth! Again and again, we have to check our eyes! Our natural eyes are seeing heavenly things over and over, sometimes they just come together as one enormous blessing. Our weekend with the Pastors of Sonora was so powerful. First, that so many pastors, 15 or more, would agree to join us for 24 hours of being in Your Presence. Three worship teams joined us on Friday night. It was celebratory - right at the beginning. I think we all knew we were stepping into a move of God. I’ll highlight the moments but can never fully capture the complete Love and Unity we felt. We worshipped, we shared our heart, we had communion, we repented, we called out for the city and nation. Pastor Alfredo led us in repentance and Marilu prepared us for communion. We heard an awesome testimony from Pastor Leonso & Monica about God’s call to the ranch and their journey. We saw the heart of your people Lord. Our first break was about 10:30 or 11:00 and during that time “all”, I mean “all” the lights in the church, the fellowship room we were using and the bathrooms, went completely out. A couple of people went from socket to socket trying to reverse the “surge” - :) what a “surge” it was. Instruments quiet, lights off, but the people of God determined - everyone stayed. As people got up to pray others shined their phones on them. We never lost a beat. In fact, I believe we were more aware than ever that You are God of both the day “and” the night. The scripture says You never sleep. Hallelujah! In the quiet darkness, God’s people began to sing and sing and pray and sing and Love Him, the One who brought us together. Pastor Jose Manuel ministered for a couple of hours at midnight and sang in between. We are so grateful for the all pastors who joined us. Two worshippers came prepared to play the shofar and did so in unison at the end of every prayer and than some. The morning brought light and breakfast by pastors again. God bless His servants. They were everywhere, slicing bagels and making coffee, providing burritos! Jesus - so much like You on the beach that early morning, calling to your disciples. John 21:1-14. In the morning we focused on the Holy Spirt, Pastor Juanito shared a powerful word, we were washed in Your Grace. Our Father - and than, we experience the “Power” in the Holy Spirit as Pastor Ken lead a fir tunnel. A wake up event! So much breakthrough. We closed, with gratitude and personal testimonies. Each one so important to Jesus. God provided in so many ways for this Room 24 Event. I want to thank all those who contributed to it, either by attending, or covering us in prayer or donating. We did feel that we were more than provided for and it ministered to us in a deep way. Thank you! ">

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