Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Room 24 at Adina's Home - March 16 & 17 2018

"http://"> We had Room 24 at Adina’s home in March 2018. These home meetings are so special. And we had about 30 people join us on Friday night and still, our time with Jesus was so intimate for us. This is the unique quality of the living room experience. Adina was leading this event and invited many of the people that she prays with on a regular basis. It was great fun to mix us all up. On Friday night we had a time of worship and repentance and just preparing our hearts for the 24 hours. We did feel that we entered the Glory during this time. So refreshing for all of us. A continued theme through the night was our focus on the Gates; taking authority over them, taking away and hindrances and opening them up. We also used the gifts of prophecy again and again. Jesus, just remembering now, how powerful this time with you was. Many of us received personal prayer and prophetic words. Our Saturday began with Resurrection power and carried through to Holy Spirit anointing and the Fire tunnel. We planned Healing Rooms, but the Holy Spirit provided so much breakthrough for us individually that we felt we had already accomplished prayer for healing. Saturday continued in focused prayer for some areas of prayer. We did break for coffee and something to eat, but even our break times continued in what the Lord was doing. It is so amazing to see how the Holy Spirit orchestrates these times. We have a plan and His Spirit takes over. Thank you Adina, for hosting our prayer, for all your preparations and effort to bring us together in a unique setting. We have all been changed.

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