Sunday, June 10, 2018

Room 24 at the Abyad's April 6-7, 2018

In April we were able to have the 24 hour prayer in our home. The Living Room Experience again. We look forward to these. Smaller setting, very close and calming. We often think about how privileged we are to share these times with the Lord. He seemingly chooses exactly who He wants there at any given time. Most of us stay through the 24 hours, but some, due to schedules, come in the night or the day or for breakfast and it is good. New believers and old believers and we encourage each other in our passions. We had a full room Friday night and way into the early hours. More and more we have a couple of languages, some who don’t speak English at all, but we communicate in the Holy Spirit. Towards night and after midnight, we searched for the right music to take us through the time of spiritual warfare. We tried different songs and music but nothing quite fit until we landed on some of the Messianic worship songs. As they played, the Holy Spirit took over and we all got caught up into worship, all our languages. In the morning we spent time on our front porch, watching the sun come to its fullness, having breakfast and fellowship. Our day continued in prayer full steam until 6pm. Amazing because if we look ahead we think we will fade out, but we don’t. Strength comes in waves of worship & prayer. When we are weak, He is strong.

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