Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Room 24 at the Abyad's June 15-16, 2018

"http://" Our June prayer was in “our” living room. What a pleasure to host Your Presence, Lord! It was a great 24 hours. I guess we will find out far in the future just how much these times of prayer changed our direction, lead us in ways we couldn’t have come to on our own. You have changed each and every one of us. One of the most obvious things is our love for these prayer times. We are headed into 24 hours of no sleep and we don’t care. It’s hard to describe how powerful Your Presence is. But there is a great Peace in the Room and while we are all awake for hours, we have never felt so refreshed. Thank You Lord! We prayed through the Tabernacle Prayer on Friday night. This is a great key that the Holy Spirit has given us. It’s also a vehicle of communication. So awesome to hear Your Word for us through all the different people. It is amazing how You speak to all of our hearts and yet when we share it is a similar direction for the whole room. Some fun things from the weekend to remember. We did not know who would be with us, so many situations in each of our lives. Well it was our living room, so Elias & I knew, regardless, we would carry on. Between 6pm and 7pm the room filled! Jesus always has a plan. I am assured He is doing a new thing every time. We had a new person with us and she had to leave after an hour, that turned into a few hours. While leaving she said “I’ll be back next Friday”! “Wait, we only do this once a month!” Oh, thank you Jesus for the hunger of your people. And Saturday morning again, a new person joined us and on leaving she said I’ll see you next week. “Wait, we only do this once a month!” :) Prophetic? I have heard the Holy Spirit say “I want 24/7 prayer!” And I believe He will have it! A change is coming. We see it in the hearts of His people. Prayer is raising up all over, bubbling, bringing in what He has. I feel like John in 21:25 And there are also many other things which Jesus did, which if they were written in detail, I suppose that even the world itself would not contain the books that would be written. Some exciting things are on the calendar for the next few months. Please join us

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