Sunday, June 10, 2018

Room 24 at Son Life Chapel for the NDP May 2/3, 2018

"http://" In May, for the National Day of Prayer, Room 24 took residence at Son Life Chapel in Tucson. We started prayer Wednesday at 6pm and continued through Thursday at 6pm. A citywide NDP celebration followed at Son Life Chapel beginning at 6pm Thursday and lasting a couple of hours. Several churches were represented throughout and it is good to connect with each other at these times. We joined in prayer for our nation and Tucson’s part in that. We had so many people join us, coming and going from work and other commitments, but showing up and usually, staying much longer than intended. Thank you Lord, that we are able to stay through the whole event. For worship, we invited our son Jeff. He pastors in Washington DC, so while it was a personal blessing, we also felt that he represented that city in our midst. Our 24 hours has an agenda, but we do ebb & flow during the time and it was great to have Jeff with us. We also had the pastors and worship team from Nogales, AZ on Friday night, leading us into a night of encounter. We had individuals join us for specific songs. Jonathan assisted us in rotating different worship sets. We had great liberty in our worship. So much of our Room 24 experience has been Holy Spirit revealed. We always start our night in repentance. God has given us a foundation in the prayer watches that change during the 24 hours; different times for different prayer emphasis. Recently we have been delving into temple prayer. On Friday night we were able to focus on temple prayer and its dynamic. We had communion together and healing prayer. We read & prayed through Ezra & Nehemiah during the night and built up the spiritual walls for our nation. God has provided his own intercessors who take the night watch and they are truly His soldiers. One of the most awesome blessings of Room 24 is finding common ground with these ones He has called. I smile when I think of them. There is a story behind the dozens of bagels that were donated to us for the event. Let’s just say, God provides in all sorts of extraordinary ways! All the meals were amazing, but breakfast is a marker. It is always a celebration because we know we have done the climbing and now coast into a day of renewed spiritual revelation. God had plans for us. We talked about the Father’s heart & blessing for us. We shared many testimonies. We prayed for the noon day position of the saints and prayed specifically for those present. We prayed for churches and families, marriages and children, prodigals and most of all, Revival. Normally, we finish at 6pm. On this National Day of Prayer, we chose to continue with a citywide event at 6pm Thursday. Our worship team expanded as others joined Jeff from xxx and Ironwood xxx. Many pastors joined us, each with directed prayer. We had young people and old people and everyone in between. Even our friend and pastor from Nogales, Sonora, came to pray for our nation. Heartfelt prayers, in English, Spanish and Arabic. We closed the evening, later than expected, but fully awake and aware that God was opening new doors for all of us. We thank all those who attended, giving their time and wisdom to this event. We thank Son Life for providing the location and all that entails. And we thank the many gifts provided in food and fellowship and anointing. In our planning for this annual event, we can get caught up in schedules and agendas and more, but in the experience, it is very humbling to be part of something so big and significant. In our close, I was reminded of a picture I saw in my mind at our last NDP event a year prior. Just the thought of all those prayer events; in churches and parks and homes and schools. And in our capitol. The view from above of the (spiritual) lights on in all those gatherings. In one night, millions of people calling on Our Lord Jesus. How that must look from heaven. And, what will be the result of our prayer. USA, USA, USA...all the banners waving, Father save our land.

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