Saturday, August 31, 2019

Room 24 at Adina's house May 17 & 18 2019

We had a few scheduled prayer sessions early in 2019. They came up quickly, every couple of weeks. RCM, Cantico Nuevo, our house, Rio de Vida. In May our focus was on the National Day of Prayer but we suddenly missed our family type get togethers. And so, we added a Room 24 session at Adina’s home in May 2019. It’s funny but our prayer sessions at each location sometimes include people we only see at a particular location. This is true at Adina’s home. It’s like a small congregation we get to visit on a regular basis in prayer. Our team always joins and God always surprises us with new visitors. We had several at this meeting. As I’m writing this I’m so thankful to God for the design of Room 24. It has become a network of congregations and home meetings. We have become like family who see each other on special occasions. There is nothing quite like coming together for the purpose of prayer. It has knit us together in so many ways. Memorable at this event was something Adina added. She asked that if we came in with any burden on our heart, God wanted to carry it and give us freedom. And so, whatever the burden, we were directed to write it out, put it in a box and we would pray for it later. When we prayed for these requests in those hours before the sun comes up, we read a chapter of proverbs and then pulled out a prayer request. It was startling to receive God’s heart and wisdom on each of these requests. We went a step further and asked God for a specific “action” we could take to get this prayer answered. God just added a new layer to the way we pray. Our 24 hours included the Tabernacle Prayer of course, but also went in new directions through the day. We closed better than we started in our journey in Kingdom territory. Thank you Adina for your faithfulness.

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