Saturday, August 31, 2019

Room 24 at Rio De Vida, Nogales Sonora - April 5 & 6 2019

"http://"> We were at Rio de Vida in Nogales, Sonora in April. This church has two congregations; one on the US side of the border and the other in Mexico. The date fell on the very weekend that President Trump was threatening to close the border. Amazing that while all these things are happening in the natural, God has a plan for the Kingdom that is really unaffected by it all. We crossed with no problem. On the way back, we were the second of two cars in the express lane. Driving through was so uncomplicated that it was startling. The church is downtown Nogales, Sonora. We have a couple of choice memories of the weekend: The graciousness of Pastor Benjamin & Dora towards us and their congregation in general. P Benjamin has been learning English at quite an accelerated pace. He is an inspiration to us English speakers with a heart to learn Spanish. The pastors themselves and several that joined us during the 24 hours easily took part in our schedule. We generally have topics we are planning to cover in prayer. These pastors just jumped on board. The were full of the Spirit and ready & willing to participate. Their contribution and unity is special to the Lord. Multiple churches were represented. I’m remembering P Alfredo at the doorway during the night. He was approached by a passer-by who was drawn in, saved that night and the recipient of a lot of prayer. The Power of God we encountered that night with many healings and testimony of changed lives. We are humbled to be part of what God is doing in the lives of his people and in the work of his pastors who have served so faithfully.

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