Sunday, November 24, 2019

Room 24 at Iglesia La Gracia De Dios November 2019

November 15-16,02019 Sitting now, considering all the blessings you have given us. Spent 24 hours with La Gracia de Dios. It passed by so quickly, so comfortably, like spending time in Your living room, Lord. Such a sweet Presence. And as was noted on Saturday afternoon, not just your Presence but you Glory. Thank you Lord. We like to begin Friday with repentance and communion and have taken on Tabernacle Prayer as a way to walk through a preparation for prayer. Each time, we marvel at what God is showing us. We had many different faces taking parts on Friday night and managed to present mostly in Spanish with some English translation. We loved it. We are so grateful for our supporters and our translators. For the pastors who welcome us into their churches. Talking about the Brazen Altar, we saw salvations - Praise God. Carmen & Yara did a great job taking us through the commandments and the water on our hands at the Laver was very special. We spoke of the candlesticks, the table of show-bread and the altar of incense. Some of the words we received: *In reference to Psalm 23:4, “The heavens opened with fire and took the darkness away”. *Milk flowing - Exodus 3:17 *We are here to do, time is a gift! - James 4:13-17 Praise & thanksgiving rose up and we spent time in the Holy Spirit. P Ken guided us through the Tabernacle with its mercy seat and so much meaning for us today. I love these intercessors. I especially love the night. It quiets down a bit for some, but His fire lights the way, every time. We went after areas of breakthrough, the box of prayer requests, worshiping all along the way. And the morning, the resurrection time. “Oh death, were is thy sting”, I Corinthians 15:55-57. Our day included healing room and more breakthrough for individuals. We are as blessed being on the teams as receiving. The voice of the Lord is so powerful in pictures. Speaking of pictures, Adina’s painting for the Presence & Glory in the shape of the Tabernacle was awesome to witness as she painted. We had individual testimony from so many; Joe with his new heart, and all the healing received in healing room prayer. We prayed for the city, the nation, the borders. We prayed for Israel. We prayed for the ministries and pastors of La Gracia de Dios. Thank you church for your warm hospitality, many meals and incredible fellowship We leave this time humbled, warmed by His Presence, fully open to all He has for each of us. Thank You Lord!

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