Sunday, November 24, 2019

Room 24 at Cantico Nuevo, Nogales Mexico September 2019

September 13-14, 2019 It was great to be back in Nogales, Sonora for 24 hour prayer with Pastor Alfredo & Eunice and the church members. They are in their new location now. So much space to enjoy, but still that feeling of home. Pastor Alfredo had a number of young leaders with him who led in different areas of Tabernacle Prayer. It was wonderful to enjoy so many new hearts coming together. The church is home to us. Since we tried to keep as much of the prayer as possible in Spanish, we had friends sitting with us translating the whole time. We were a few aisles of kumbaya, enjoying the Lord together! :). We love these pastors and their heart for prayer. Somewhere in the middle of the night, Pastor Alfredo acknowledged - here we are - in the Presence of God - this is the time to fellowship with Him, His Presence is so great. And it was! One of my favorite things about Room 24 and these prayer times everywhere, is that we can recognize when His Presence falls. It is so thick at times. And Pastor is right, so noticeable in the middle of the night. Healing room was great. We spent hours at it. After a night of prayer, the words for individuals comes so easy! Pastor Ochoa shared a word with us in the afternoon and joined us for lunch. The time we spend in Mexico is often highlighted by these pastors who join us in prayer. We so appreciate their fellowship. Of course, you know we had wonderful meals together. When we began Room 24 we used to snack on coffee and fruit and vegetable trays. We learned to eat at our occasions in Mexico. We so love this fellowship, the food yes; but also the chatting and praying and the children and families we visit. Thank you church for your warm hospitality, always!

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