Sunday, November 24, 2019

Room 24 at Mount Lemon August 2019

August 23-24, 2019 Wow! End of summer and our desire was to host prayer in a vacation setting. What a blessing! We were up in the mountains in August when its hot and hotter in Tucson, but cool with breezes at Mount Lemon. We rented a cabin there. The ride up was beautiful. Our first challenge was pulling into the driveway which was an uphill climb with a bit of a curve! Oh my. Just beginning to realize that hanging off mountain tops is not my favorite thing. But once landed, wow, what a beautiful location and more special as a gathering for prayer. The cabin was spacious with a full porch that circled 3/4’s of the house. The rooms inviting. There was a main living room for prayer, a large dining room table and a kitchen that was equipped for every meal. We had everything we needed, and some fresh mountain air. As we began our prayer the Presence of God was immediate and sustained. We all thought we were individually having a unique encounter with God, but later in sharing, we realized His Presence was everywhere and with each of us. One step unto the porch and we saw that we were literally praying in the clouds. It was so refreshing to pull back and refill our spirits. Our time together was precious. Thank you Lord for giving us so much!

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