Thursday, October 6, 2016

Room 24 at Tucson Arabic Church September 16-17, 2016

It's September 2016 and we are headed to “The Ranch” in Mexico.  But God...

We hit a few delays and some schedule conflicts.   OK, and suddenly...  Another venue pops up.  We end up switching our event to Tucson and to the sanctuary of the Tucson Arabic Church.  (God is at work!)  Many of our friends from the Arabic church joined with us.  God is Glorified each time we come together to honor Him.  In the end, we realize it is His plan, not ours.  

Our prayer became a combination of the Tucson event we had planned in the future and “The Ranch” event that we had planned for.  We were able to give time to some “activations”.  We are so encouraged by some of the words and methods out there from different people.  We took time to listen in to some new waves of thought and pray it through.  “Training Your Senses”, “Covenant”, “Miraculous Healing”, “The Father’s Blessing”.

 On Friday night it led to quite a time of prophetic ministry.  We pursued healing prayer on Friday night and on Saturday.   It is amazing and encouraging that we often hear these three languages in our ministry settings; English, Spanish and Arabic!  And for the first time we added the Native American Navajo language. Makes me smile as I write.  On Friday night, was asked people to pray for the place that they were born.  The results were powerful and enlightening.  We believe God has given us, as intercessors, the ability to touch the world through His Spirit, visiting these places as we pray.  

Through the night, we have become troopers in the Spirit.  We are totally over thinking whether or not we can do it.  We do it every time, by His power!  We had old faces and new.  Also, the bravest, new people who made it through the 24 hours smiling.  Several joined on on Saturday as we poured into prayer for the nations, for our nation, for Tucson, for the churches, pastors, families, leaders and children.  

Psalm 33:12  Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord, the people whom He has chosen for His own inheritance.

With Many Blessings
Elias & Ann Abyad  

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