Thursday, October 27, 2016

Room 24 at The Lord of Grace Lutheran Church 10/14-15/2016

Oh Lord, I am still weak in the knees by Your Presence!...

Oh Lord, I am still weak in the knees by Your Presence!  You are a Good, Good, Father!  This weekend at “Lord of Grace” was filled with Your beauty.  We are so thankful to this Lutheran church who opened their doors to us, much like You, Father.  Throughout the night we saw Your beauty.  A quiet time, but also profound in so many ways.  We kept being reminded all weekend of how much you love us.  Yes, fill us up Lord, that we can be a vessel of Your Love.  

We had some new faces join us and we were missing some of our loved core for different reasons, but God!  We have come to count on Your Presence.  We know that as we move through the night and the next day, that we are guaranteed to encounter You.  We talked about hunger, a hunger for your Presence and truthfully Lord, that hunger continues to grow!  Come Holy Spirit!  More of You!  

We pressed in on Friday night, right away, because that is our time of strength.  Like climbing a mountain, the “Night Watch”, The “Midnight Gate”, we talked about You, Our Consuming Fire.  And than, we let You take the wave.  Our time Saturday morning in the Holy Spirit was so gentle.  And just like you are, you broadened, our gifts, each of us asking You for an increased measure of the Gifts of the Spirit.  We began to talk about The Fathers Love and encountered You.  Faithful God!  Words cannot describe our feelings.  

We prayed through till the fifteenth day, the focus prayers of “Give Him Fifteen” published by Dutch Sheets Ministries.  We came away with a confidence that You are the Anchor of these days.   We prayed for the nation and our country, the churches.   We closed with pray for the ministries represented and more.

So much more!  Glad you could join us.  And if you haven’t, come next time.  We are headed to “The Ranch” in Mexico for November.  

Elias and Ann Abyad

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