Sunday, November 20, 2016

Room 24 At Mas Que Vecendores Casa Christiana - Mexico - November 18 & 19, 2016

  Jesus, Miracle Working God!  We are beside ourselves in Joy.  Nothing compares to You!  Thank you Pastor Leonzo & Monica for allowing us to serve you at The Ranch!  And thank you to our very special people who join us from AZ and from Cantico Nuevo!  Thank you for all your prayers!

  It’s Sunday morning and we are having that experience that we always do of His Presence.  (Thinking of that Bethel song that Jeremy Riddle sings - You always come!)  As the 24 hours go by, our bodies get mellow but our spirit gets sharp!  Oh Lord, how do we describe this last “Room 24”.  Friday night we found the men at “The Ranch” waiting for us.  The church ready, the new bathrooms ready, the dining area ready.   Most of all, Your Holy Spirit!  So many of our regular team could not attend for different reasons, but we felt that overwhelming Peace that You send.  On Friday, we discovered that over “20” from Cantico Nuevo would be joining us!  Your altar team!  Even as we prayed on Friday night, I was blessed to have the youngest of us, Angelica, join me in prayer.  I’m not sure, but she can’t be older than 5 yrs.  To see her putting her hand on those men as we prayed.  Praise God!

  JJ and the worship team from Cantico Nuevo was awesome all Friday and into Saturday morning!  Some of these worshipers go home for a few hours and on to work!  Ramon stayed with us, worshiping intermittently during the early morning and Saturday.  At several points, men from the Ranch picked up an instrument and provided worship on their own.  God provided translators; Pastor Alfredo, Carmen, Ricardo and the most fun, George, who is a resident and offered his services continually.  Father, how you bless us!

  Pastor Alfredo did communion.  Elias taught on the watches.  I can tell you in the middle of the night the Holy Spirit came in like a flood.  The men from the ranch prayed in the deepest hours of the night.  During the night, many were touched by His Presence.  One young man in particular, struggling with addiction, received prayer, and ministry from the Holy Spirit.  He told us later, as he knelt at the altar, the Lord completely delivered him.  All signs and symptoms gone!  No more nausea, no more pain, no more enemy.  He stayed the whole 24 hours.  By early morning we began to prophesy and prophesy and watched God do what he does.  Elias described it as an altar of tears!  I (Ann) had been listening to Leif Hetland all week to get a glimpse of the “Love of the Father”, so I could bring something to those men.  Let me say, I saw more love pouring over those men than any man or women is possible of generating.  One touch from Him changes everything.  Thank you Lord!

  Early Saturday, Ken joined us.  He had driven himself to Mexico, crossing the border and following the mile markers to “The Ranch”.  Thank God he did.  He ministered in freshness again on the Holy Spirit.  We saw an altar call like none other!  

  Bill Johnson says that he experienced seeing healing when he started to teach on it, although many years prior he had had the knowledge of biblical healing.  So we used small steps, taught by Joan Hunter, on ministering healing.  We saw more healing in that time.  One of our team said he saw more healing in that 24 hours than he had seen in the past two years!  

  How do we thank God.  Our expressions seem so inadequate to the Greatness of our God.  Well, we do this, we continue on, we offer ourselves to His work, knowing He is with us in all His Glory.

Elias & Ann Abyad 

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