Monday, January 23, 2017

Room 24 at La Gracia De Dios


We were at La Gracia De Dios Iglesia Christiana last weekend, Friday January 13 till Saturday 14th for Room 24.  What a faithful church.  As we continued into the night and early hours we were so blessed that the church members stayed with us.  Most of the participants were with us the entire time and they represented a large part of the church.  Faithful people, faithful God.  There were so many wonderful expressions of the Spirit of the Lord with us.  Some that come to mind now:
  The Covenant - We spent extended time on the Covenant during communion and became freshly aware that God never leaves us.  He is with us always, establishing that covenant in our lives and reminding us again and again of His Promises in our lives.  The covenant stands because He loves us, not because of anything we do.  In fact, often He brings in His covenant promises even when we are not doing our part.  But when we join with Him, what a wonder He is.  His promises are real, every day.
  The Authority - The authority He gives us to speak out His Name, call in His praises, carry out His warfare, bless and behold Him.  The young people took over Friday night as we approached the time of warfare and what a blessing they were.  We also choose to read through Revelation in both English and Spanish.  God moves when His word is spoken.
  The River - In the early morning hours, we found ourselves in His Presence, traveling in that River and receiving from Him.  We wound up in a prayer tunnel that was very encouraging as we heard the sound of prayers prayed for us by young and old alike.
  The Holy Spirit - The morning activation and the understanding of the gifts He has given us.
  The Healing - We experienced the Jesus who Heals.  We watched as He touched His people in so many different ways.
  The Corporate Prayers - For the nation, the church, the leaders, the family’s & children.  Lord, thank you.  We prayed for every one of these, empowered by the things we had seen and expectant.
  The Glory of His Presence that just became stronger and stronger among us.
  The worship, the art and the words given.   We will remember the worship team and their fresh gift to us every couple of hours.  And the art, the painting, the cups overflowing.  The words - a mountain with a river rushing down, wide and expansive.
  The Pastors - As we concluded with a time of prayer with the pastors.  It was a blessing to witness the outpouring of love from the congregation to the pastors.  What a blessed time.
  We have declared “revival” in this place.  We engaged, we witnessed, we experienced. Thank you church and team and all who joined us.

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