Sunday, November 24, 2019

Room 24 at Restoration Community Ministries July 2019

July 26-27, 2019 We are just returning from an awesome weekend with Restoration Community Ministries in Phoenix AZ. Pastors Reggie & Annie invited us again for 24 hour prayer at the Chapel of the American Indian Bible College. God is at work. We have been joining in prayer with this congregation since 2011. The last few years have been regular visits in January and July. To say the least we are now old friends and also family. We look forward to these. God has grown in us all and we are so grateful to have built this altar together. This weekend we had new friends and old friends. We cover quite a bit of territory when we consider where each of us live and minister. We represented ministries and churches throughout Arizona and into Mexico. We are blessed with the opportunity to network in God’s Kingdom. It is so wonderful to hear of all God is doing in each of us. We started the prayer with a time of fellowship and food. Got updated with each of us and went to work building an altar through Tabernacle Prayer. God always does something new. Friday night, we had opportunity to pray over the territory that we all cover. We did foot washing and prayer over the places our feet will carry us in the next season. We tipped into the night hours easily. The hours passed so quickly. We prayed through the obstacles that we typically struggle with and went into a time of declaration of God’s promises. In the early morning we spent time with the priestly blessing. Morning is always a special time, to watch the sun come up together and prepare for a new day. P Ken led us in prayers for revival. We had breakfast together, ministered the Father’s Love and held Healing Room for a couple of hours. Worship was wonderful with the RCM team, both Friday night and Saturday. They were energetic and up lifting. At our lunch we had additional time to fellowship together. Many of us stayed for the 24 hours. But we also had visitors throughout the night and day. Areas of prayer in the afternoon included family, marriages, missions and nations. We prayed for RCM and Room 24. We ended in a joyful celebration of Unity! God we are so grateful for the opportunity you have given us in Room 24. It is a privilege to dedicate this time to You. You always come. Your Presence is rich and our hearts long for the next time!

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